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A surgical stapler is disclosed which includes a first body portion supporting an anvil plate defining a fastener forming surface, and a second body portion configured to releasably mate with the first body portion. A disposable loading unit is removably supported in the second body portion and incl ...

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A gaming machine is operated by a programmed micro-processor in which the first mode of operation, a basic gambling game, is implemented such as video poker or reel-type slot machine play. If bonus symbols are selected in the basic mode, a bonus mode is triggered. In the bonus mode the same or a dif ...

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Metal nitrate-containing precursor compounds are employed in atomic layer deposition processes to form metal-containing films, e.g. metal, metal oxide, and metal nitride, which films exhibit an atomically abrupt interface and an excellent uniformity.

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An apparatus for facilitating the implantation of an artificial component in one of a hip joint, a knee joint, a hand and wrist joint, an elbow joint, a shoulder joint, and a foot and ankle joint. The apparatus includes a pre-operative geometric planner and a pre-operative kinematic biomechanical si ...

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Apparatus and methods are provided for use in removing thrombus from a vessel, wherein a vascular device comprises an thrombectomy element for excising or ablating thrombus and a vascular filter for capturing emboli generated during removal of the thrombus. The vascular filter comprises a support ho ...

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An electronic amusement device and a method for operating the device are disclosed. In accordance with one embodiment, a slot machine identifies a tracked symbol and initializes a running count representing active occurrences of the tracked symbol generated during a play session. During the session, ...

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An apparatus and method for adjunct (add-on) therapy of partial complex epilepsy, generalized epilepsy and involuntary movement disorders comprises an implantable lead-receiver, an external stimulator having controlling circuitry and a power source, and an electrode to inductively couple the stimula ...

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A gaming device awards the players that hit the jackpot winning combination the base value of the progressive jackpot rather than the current amount. The progressive nature of the jackpot system does not affect a player's winning amount until after the win takes place. A player who wins the pro ...

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A chamber is provided that allows a user to medicate an implantable prosthesis such as a stent. The implantable prosthesis is capable of securing a therapeutic substance and subsequently delivering the therapeutic substance to local tissues. The chamber allows a user to medicate the prosthesis subse ...