Maetzke Thomas, Stoller Andre, Wendeborn Sebastian, Szczepanski Henry: Nouveaux herbicides, Novel herbicidally active phenyl-substituted heterocycles. Syngenta Participations, Syngenta Participations, FETHERSTONHAUGH & CO, March 15, 2001: CA2382435 (13 worldwide citation)

Compounds of formula (see formula above) wherein the substituents have the meanings given in claim 1, and agronomically tolerable salts, isomers and enantiomers of those compounds, are suitable for use as herbicides.

De La Peña, Levy Raúl, Entebi, Yedid Salomón, Represas, Perez José: (Es) Cepillo dental para la limpieza integral de la boca, (En) Toothbrush for the complete cleaning of the mouth. De La Peña, Levy Raúl, Entebi, Yedid Salomón, Represas, Perez José, DE LA PEÑA LEVY Raúl, March 15, 2001: WO/2001/017433 (11 worldwide citation)

(EN) The invention relates to a toothbrush for the complete cleaning of the mouth, through incorporating a tongue-cleaner at the back of the toothbrush head or in any other part of the handle; the incorporation of a part made of any rubber component and placed longitudinally between the bristles may ...

Duponchelle Annick, Faict Dirk, Balteau Patrick, Hartman Jean Pierre, Martis Leo, Peluso Francesco: Solution bicarbonatee en deux parties pour dialyse peritoneale ou substitution dans un traitement de suppleance renale, Bicarbonate-based solution in two parts for peritoneal dialysis or substitution in continuous renal replacement therapy. Baxter International, Baxter International, SIM & MCBURNEY, March 15, 2001: CA2352561 (7 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides devices and methods for stabilizing bicarbonate-based solutions for peritoneal dialysis or hemofiltration. The bicarbonate-based solutions of the present invention are formulated and stored in at least two parts - an alkaline bicarbonate concentrate and an acidic conce ...

Fisher John, Farrar Richard: Combination of material for joint prosthesis. Depuy International, Fisher John, Farrar Richard, BELCHER Simon James, March 15, 2001: WO/2001/017464 (4 worldwide citation)

An orthopaedic joint prosthesis comprises first and second articulating components having respective bearing surfaces in contact with one another. The material of the first bearing surface (14) comprises a metallic material and the material of the second bearing surface (6) comprises a ceramic mater ...

Tanaka Yoshikazu, Bando Takeshi, Ishikawa Hiroki, Hayashi Masaho, Uematsu Hiroshi, Shinogi Norikazu, Uenishi Toshihiko: Contenant ouvrable, Openable container. Uni Charm Corporation, Uni Charm Corporation, MACRAE & CO, March 15, 2001: CA2349604 (4 worldwide citation)

An openable container (10), comprising a container main body (11), an opening and closing cover (23) installed swingably on the container main body (11), and a plate rubber (50) installed at a swingable portion between the container main body (11) and the opening and closing cover (23), wherein a lo ...

Russell Terence S: Optical system for rapid polymer analysis. Lifebeam Technologies, BAKER Charles Hunter, March 15, 2001: WO/2001/018247 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a system for analyzing polymer molecules by detecting their effects on an optical agent. Certain preferred embodiments of the invention involve the analysis of polynucleotide molecules through detection of their quenching effects on a fluorescent reporter.

Achina Serdin, Mason Olivia, Volratier Sevaschan: Deflection unit for self-converging cathode-ray tubes, comprising saddle-shaped vertical deflection coils. Thomson Tubes And Displays, March 15, 2001: KR1020000050024 (4 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: A deflection unit for self-converging cathode-ray tubes, comprising saddle-shaped vertical deflection coils is provided to resolve a problem of a vertical blue waveform by using a control device for correcting degradation of one or more component without damaging other characteristics of a ...

Yeoh Colin T, Kwok Hoi Sing, Liao York: Lcd equipped with non-specular reflector. Terence Leslie Johnson, Varintelligent, March 15, 2001: KR1020000046780 (4 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: An LCD equipped with non-specular reflector is provided not to relate the incident light specularly with the reflected light passing the display. CONSTITUTION: The incident light enters the display at the angle in a prescribed range while the reflected light, namely the visible direction, i ...

Fukushima Shigeo, Kato Takayuki, Takamatsu Masato, Hoshida Takahiro: Die cast piston and its manufacturing method. Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki, March 15, 2001: KR1020000026300 (4 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: A die cast piston and its manufacturing method are provided to increase the durability of an engaged unit of a piston for swash plate type compressor. CONSTITUTION: The die cast piston is formed so that a single head piston manufacturing material for manufacturing a single head piston(14) i ...

Choi Yong Won, Park Jong Kuk: Location tracing system. Choi Yong Won, Park Jong Kuk, March 15, 2001: KR1019990036740 (4 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: The location tracing system is provided to use a small-sized terminal transmitter and a wireless communication network, so as to periodically receive a transmitting signal of the transmitter to track a locations of an object, and to use a battery for a long time. CONSTITUTION: The portable ...