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An amusement machine 300 has a reel display 346, a plurality of trails 348, 350, 352 along which a player can progress dependant upon points awarded via symbols 360 in the reel display, and a plurality of trail contribution lines 340, 342, 344 in the reel display, each contribution line contributing ...

Nagao Mitsuyoshi: Vehicle mirror device. Murakami, February 14, 2001: EP1075986-A1 (101 worldwide citation)

An inner mirror device (1) for a vehicle has a GPS antenna (5) and a GPS receiver (6) placed inside the inner mirror. Information such as latitude, longitude, altitude, direction and travelling speed, date and time received by the GPS receiver (6) is indicated on a display (11) placed in the inner m ...

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A system is disclosed whereby a user can upload image data into a central image database on a central server computer, using the processing power of a remote terminal computer to re-sample and resize each image according to a set of predetermined image parameters for storage in the central database. ...

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The present invention relates to a surgical thread (1) for plastic surgery operations, wherein said thread includes inclined protrusions which are arranged sequentially along the length of the thread and which are oriented in a direction opposite to that of the thread tension. The protrusions (2) ar ...

Connelly David, Li Zhenghua: Method for on-demand network application download and execution. Sun Microsystems, February 14, 2001: EP1076290-A2 (57 worldwide citation)

Methods for executing an applet (310) is disclosed. A virtual machine (312) that includes a class loader (314) generates a file download request in the form of an http request to a particular server computer (304) that contains appropriate applet component files. The class loader (314) queries a roo ...

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The electrodeionization apparatus improves the removal rate of weakly - ionized species including silica and boron, and which species including slica and boron, and is useful for a primary pure water system and a reclaim system. The apparatus for producing purified water produces the product water o ...

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A switch having closed and open positions moves from one position to the other in response to either an elevated temperature or an excessive pressure. A switch member of bimetal material or shape memory alloy operates in response to an elevated temperature, and a foil diaphragm that cooperates with ...

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A method for purifying a polypeptide by ion exchange chromatography is described which involves changing the conductivity and/or pH of buffers in order to resolve a polypeptide of interest from one or more contaminants.

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A computer platform (100) uses a tamper-proof component (120), or "trusted module", of a computer platform in conjunction with software, preferably running within the tamper-proof component, that controls the uploading and usage of data on the platform as a generic dongle for that platform. Licensin ...

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An transparent cathode includes an electron injector, a metal layer over the injector, and transparent layer deposited over the metal layer and having a refractive index equal to or greater than 1.2.