Garo Khanarian
Jeffrey Lawrence Daecher, Steven David Fields, Garo Khanarian, Alan Daniel Stein: Process and apparatus for forming plastic sheet. Rohm and Haas Company, S Matthew Cairns, Darryl P Frickey, John L Lemanowicz, February 6, 2001: US06183829 (41 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an apparatus for formation of high quality plastic sheet in a continuous fashion. Also disclosed are a variety of optical and electronic display applications for high quality plastic sheet produced in a continuous fashion.

Karl L Ginter, Victor H Shear, Francis J Spahn, David M Van Wie, Robert P Weber: Trusted and secure techniques, systems and methods for item delivery and execution. InterTrust Technologies, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, February 6, 2001: US06185683 (763 worldwide citation)

Documents and other items can be delivered electronically from sender to recipient with a level of trustedness approaching or exceeding that provided by a personal document courier. A trusted electronic go-between can validate, witness and/or archive transactions while, in some cases, actively parti ...

David A Farber, Richard E Greer, Andrew D Swart, James A Balter: Optimized network resource location. Digital Island, IP Group of Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, February 6, 2001: US06185598 (635 worldwide citation)

Resource requests made by clients of origin servers in a network are intercepted by reflector mechanisms and selectively reflected to other servers called repeaters. The reflectors select a best repeater from a set of possible repeaters and redirect the client to the selected best repeater. The clie ...

Joseph H Schulman, Robert Dan Dell, John C Gord: Battery-powered patient implantable device. Freilich Hornbaker & Rosen, February 6, 2001: US06185452 (611 worldwide citation)

A device configured for implanting beneath a patient's skin for the purpose of tissue, e.g., nerve or muscle, stimulation and/or parameter monitoring and/or data communication. Devices in accordance with the invention are comprised of a sealed housing, typically having an axial dimension of les ...

James P Coffin IV, Thomas J Gerhardt, Michael A Mills, Massi E Kiani: Photodiode detector with integrated noise shielding. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, February 6, 2001: US06184521 (540 worldwide citation)

A photodiode has integrated shields for the rejection of noise-producing electromagnetic interference and ambient light. The electromagnetic shield forms a conductive matrix which covers the photodiode active area. The matrix is deposited as a metallization layer onto the photodiode and provides exp ...

Mark G Johnson, Thomas H Lee, Vivek Subramanian, P Michael Farmwald, James M Cleeves: Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication. Matrix Semiconductor, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, February 6, 2001: US06185122 (509 worldwide citation)

A very high density field programmable memory is disclosed. An array is formed vertically above a substrate using several layers, each layer of which includes vertically fabricated memory cells. The cell in an N level array may be formed with N+1 masking steps plus masking steps needed for cont ...

Norman F Krasner, Mark Moeglein, David Coleman: Distributed satellite position system processing and application network. SnapTrack, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, February 6, 2001: US06185427 (455 worldwide citation)

A system and method for processing in a distributed manner satellite position system (SPS) information. In one example of the invention, a first mobile SPS receiver receives SPS signals from a plurality of SPS satellites and transmits a position information to a wireless cell based station which is ...

Michael Man Hak Tso, Jin Jing, Robert Conrad Knauerhase, David Alfred Romrell, Daniel Joshua Gillespie, Bikram Singh Bakshi, Seshardi Sathyanarayan: Scaling proxy server sending to the client a graphical user interface for establishing object encoding preferences after receiving the client's request for the object. Intel Corporation, Kenyon & Kenyon, February 6, 2001: US06185625 (440 worldwide citation)

A system for enhancing data access over a communications link is disclosed. In accordance with a particular embodiment, a system for retrieving an object over a computer network includes a network client with a browser for rendering an object to a user and a user interface enabling the user to estab ...

Sheldon F Goldberg, John Van Antwerp: Network gaming system. Sheldon Goldberg, Sheridan Ross P C, February 6, 2001: US06183366 (423 worldwide citation)

The present invention is an information service and advertising providing system for presenting interactive information services together with interactive advertising on a communications network such as the Internet and LANs. The information service may be a game played interactively on the network ...

Dwayne Bowman, Ruben E Ortega, Greg Linden, Joel R Spiegel: Identifying the items most relevant to a current query based on items selected in connection with similar queries. Amazon com, Perkins Coie, February 6, 2001: US06185558 (382 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a software facility for identifying the items most relevant to a current query based on items selected in connection with similar queries. In preferred embodiments of the invention, the facility receives a query specifying one or more query terms. In response, the faci ...