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A rearview mirror assembly incorporating one or more vehicle information displays includes an information display area in a portion of the rearview mirror housing which is at an angle to the plane of the reflective mirror element to provide improved visibility of the display by a front seat passenge ...

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A filter disposed at the distal end of an elongate guidewire. Catheters are provided for delivering the filter to, and retrieving the filter from, a treatment site. The catheters can be over-the-wire or single operator exchange. The catheters include a housing for receiving the filter therein. The h ...

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An endoscopic surgical instrument suitable for use with a needle-grasper having a rotational translation device for creating rotational motion at the distal end of the surgical instrument in a non 1:1 ratio to rotational energy imparted at the handle of the surgical instrument. The shaft of the surg ...

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An electrophoretic display element includes a capsule having a first, larger surface and a second, smaller surface. The capsule contains a suspending fluid and at least one particle dispersed within said suspending fluid. Application of a first electrical field causes the particle or particles to mi ...

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An improved method of pose determination and tracking does away with conventional segmentation while taking advantage of multi-degree-of-freedom numerical fitting or match filtering as opposed to a syntactic segment or feature oriented combinatorial match. The technique may be used to improve image ...

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The handle body (A) constitutes one of the branches of a T, of which the other branch is formed by its attachment piece (

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A method of using at least one natural language query to retrieve information from one or more data resources and further performing a requested action using the retrieved information is disclosed. At least one natural language query directed to retrieving particular information is received. At leas ...

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Dialogue modules are provided, with each dialogue module includes computer readable instructions for accomplishing a predefined interactive dialogue task in an interactive speech application. In response to user input, a subset of the plurality of dialogue modules are selected to accomplish their re ...