James Reuss
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An oximeter for non-invasively measuring the oxygen saturation in blood with increased speed and accuracy is disclosed. The oximeter includes a number of features which increase the functionality of the device including: a dynamic range control for monitoring a range of inputs from low level signals ...

Adam Heller, Michael V Pishko: Subcutaneous glucose electrode. E Heller & Company, Merchant & Gould P C, December 19, 2000: US06162611 (985 worldwide citation)

A small diameter flexible electrode designed for subcutaneous in vivo amperometric monitoring of glucose is described. The electrode is designed to allow "one-point" in vivo calibration, i.e., to have zero output current at zero glucose concentration, even in the presence of other electroreactive sp ...

Goble Colin C O: Electrosurgical system, generator for electrosurgery, and method for cutting or excising tissue by electrosurgery. Gyrus Medical, December 19, 2000: JP2000-350732 (817 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain many advantages including improvement of tissue incision and cutting speed, possibility of reducing damage and burning of neighboring tissues and reduction of nervous stimulation by including a circuit which senses thermal electron emission from electrode in a generat ...

Stephen W Morro, Anthony J Baerlocher, Robert W Crowder Jr, Yin Zin Mark Lam: Value wheel game method and apparatus. International Game Technology, Sheridan Ross P C, December 19, 2000: US06162121 (701 worldwide citation)

A computer-implemented game includes a wheel of fortune portion. The wheel is positioned in a location spaced from the main game housing. In this way even relatively large wheels can be provided without undesirable dimensional enlargement of the main housing.

James L Cox, Stephen W Boyd, Hanson S Gifford III, Matthias Vaska, Daniel D Merrick: Methods of epicardial ablation for creating a lesion around the pulmonary veins. Epicor, Jens E Hoekendijk, December 19, 2000: US06161543 (623 worldwide citation)

The invention provides surgical systems and methods for ablating heart tissue within the interior and/or exterior of the heart. A plurality of probes is provided with each probe configured for introduction into the chest for engaging the heart. Each probe includes an elongated shaft having an elonga ...

John F Acres, Alec Ginsburg, David Wiebenson: Method and apparatus for operating networked gaming devices. Acres Gaming Incorporated, Marger Johnson & McCollom PC, December 19, 2000: US06162122 (561 worldwide citation)

A system for monitoring and configuring gaming devices interconnected over a high-speed network is disclosed. The system can support a file server, one or more floor controllers, one or more pit terminals, and other terminals all interconnected over the network. Each gaming device includes an electr ...

W Michael Hipps: Articulating endoscopic implant rotator surgical apparatus and method for using same. Genzyme Corporation, Richard D Allison, Thomas J DesRosier, December 19, 2000: US06162208 (450 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument is provided for use in endoscopic and open surgical procedures, e.g., prosthetic implant replacement surgery. The instrument includes a handle portion, an endoscopic tube section extending from the handle portion, an articulating section pivotally connected to a distal end of t ...

Robert T Killian: Electronic programming system and method. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Robert L Troike, Frederick J Telecky Jr, December 19, 2000: US06163316 (422 worldwide citation)

An electronic programming guide (70) operates on a computing platform (12) associated with a television (40). The platform (12) accesses a program listing database (48) containing program listing information (6) for a plurality of television programs. The electronic programming guide (70) includes a ...

Frank J Bogart, Andrew D Flockhart, Robin H Foster, Joylee E Kohler, Eugene P Mathews, Stephen L Skarzynski: Optimizing call-center performance by using predictive data to distribute agents among calls. Avaya Technology, David Volejnicek, December 19, 2000: US06163607 (417 worldwide citation)

Selection of a call for handling by a call-center agent (106-108) is based on which call's handling by the available agent will tend to optimize call-center performance criteria such as efficiency (e.g., minimize per-call handling time) or derived benefit (e.g., maximize revenue). Each agent has a s ...

Swaminathan Jayaraman: Stent valve and stent graft. Iowa India Investments Company, James E Larson, Larson & Larson P A, December 19, 2000: US06162245 (394 worldwide citation)

A star-shaped stent and replacement valve or replacement graft for use in repairing damaged vascular organs: Two to eight star-shaped members are interconnected into a "chain". Once this "chain" has been created through interconnection of the star-shaped members, a central opening through all of the ...