David Bohling
Eric Anthony Robertson III, David Arthur Bohling, Mark Allen George, Scott Edward Beck: Gas phase removal of SiO.sub.2 /metals from silicon. Air Products and Chemicals, Geoffrey L Chase, December 12, 2000: US06159859 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a process for thermal, vapor phase removal of silicon oxides and metal-containing contaminants from a surface of a substrate of a type used in manufacturing semiconductor devices comprising contacting the substrate at an elevated temperature at an elevated temperature approp ...

Damon E Gura: Gaming machine with variable probability of obtaining bonus game payouts. WMS Gaming, Jenkens & Gilchrist, December 12, 2000: US06159097 (1036 worldwide citation)

A gaming machine includes a basic game and a bonus game. The basic game is controlled by a processor in response to a wager amount and includes a plurality of different start-bonus outcomes. The bonus game is activated by the start-bonus outcomes which cause the processor to shift operation from the ...

Erica A Frohm, John J Giobbi, Joel R Jaffe: Video gaming device having multiple stacking features. WMS Gaming, Jenkens & Gilchrist, December 12, 2000: US06159095 (961 worldwide citation)

An electronic video gaming machine for playing multiple games is set forth. The gaming machine includes a first set of game elements for playing a game having a plurality of possible game outcomes. A first game outcome is selected from a plurality of possible game outcomes including at least one pre ...

Scott Slomiany, William A Grupp: Dual-award bonus game for a gaming machine. WMS Gaming, Jenkens & Gilchrist, December 12, 2000: US06159098 (948 worldwide citation)

A bonus game for a gaming machine with two types of awards. The bonus game includes a plurality of selection elements, a number of which are associated with an award of coin(s) or credit(s) and a number of which are associated with an end-bonus penalty. The game is played by selecting a number of th ...

Goble Colin C O: Generator for electrosurgical operation, electrosurgical operation system, method for operating this system and method for performing amputation and resection of tissue by electrosurgical operation. Gyrus Medical, December 12, 2000: JP2000-342599 (816 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a means for increasing the removal rate of the tissue.SOLUTION: The generator for electrosurgical operation has output terminals 64 and 66 for connection respectively to the active electrode and return electrode of an appliance for electrosurgical operation and is co ...

Eric Horvitz, David E Heckerman, Susan T Dumais, Mehran Sahami, John C Platt: Technique which utilizes a probabilistic classifier to detect "junk" e-mail by automatically updating a training and re-training the classifier based on the updated training set. Microsoft Corporation, Peter L Michaelson, Michaelson & Wallace, December 12, 2000: US06161130 (737 worldwide citation)

A technique, specifically a method and apparatus that implements the method, which through a probabilistic classifier (370) and, for a given recipient, detects electronic mail (e-mail) messages, in an incoming message stream, which that recipient is likely to consider "junk". Specifically, the inven ...

Theodore B Achacoso, D Wayne Silby: Centrifugal communication and collaboration method. GroupServe, Michael A Venable Gollin, December 12, 2000: US06161149 (581 worldwide citation)

A system and method for communicating information among members of a distributed discussion group having peripheral communication devices involves communication between the peripheral communication devices and a central agent. The central agent receives and stores messages intended for at least one ...

Teresa Win, Emilio Belmonte: Administrative roles that govern access to administrative functions. enCommerce, Christopher J Palermo, Marcel K Hickman Palermo Truong & Becker Bingham, December 12, 2000: US06161139 (575 worldwide citation)

Described is a method that comprises storing information that defines administration roles, that associates a user with one or more of the administrative roles, and that associates each administration role with one or more administrative privileges. An administrative privilege authorizes at least on ...

Patrick A Lichter, Spencer J Lien: Personal computer card for collection of real-time biological data. QRS Diagnostics, Kenton R Mullins, Frank J Uka, Stout Uka Buyan & Mullins, December 12, 2000: US06159147 (572 worldwide citation)

A real-time biological data processing PC card is lightweight, cost effective, and portable. The real-time biological data processing PC card is capable of converting a host personal computer system into a powerful diagnostic instrument. Each real-time biological data processing PC card is adapted t ...

Stephen J Brown: Treatment regimen compliance and efficacy with feedback. Health Hero Network, Black Lowe & Graham PLLC, December 12, 2000: US06161095 (551 worldwide citation)

A method and system for interaction with a community of individuals, relating to compliance with a treatment regimen. Individuals interact with a protocol or intelligent message to provide assistance in all aspects of treatment regimen compliance, data collection, supply, review and modification.