Craig Allen
Desaraju V Varaprasad, Mingtang Zhao, Craig Allen Dornan, Anoop Agrawal, Pierre Marc Allemand, Niall R Lynam: Electrochromic polymeric solid films, manufacturing electrochromic devices using such solid films, and processes for making such solid films and devices. Donnelly Corporation, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto, November 28, 2000: US06154306 (307 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to electrochromic polymeric solid films, manufacturing electrochromic devices using such solid films and processes for making such solid films and devices. The electrochromic polymeric solid films of the present invention exhibit beneficial properties and characteristic ...

James Doherty
James W Doherty: Electrical outlet box. Joseph R Birkner, November 14, 2000: US06147304 (96 worldwide citation)

An electrical outlet box for selectively receiving both high voltage and low voltage conductors and electrical components such as an a.c. 120 V power outlet, a telephone jack and a cable television (CATV) adapter. The electrical outlet box has a housing with a first section juxtaposed in spaced rela ...

Brian Goodall
Saikumar Jayaraman, Brian Leslie Goodall, Larry Funderburk Rhodes, Robert Adam Shick, Richard Vicari, Robert David Allen, Juliann Opitz, Ratnam Sooriyakumaran, Thomas Wallow: Polycyclic resist compositions with increased etch resistance. The B F Goodrich Company, International Business Machines Corporation, Thoburn T Dunlap, November 14, 2000: US06147177 (6 worldwide citation)

Polycyclic polymers containing pendant aromatic moieties are disclosed. The polymers exhibit light transparency properties to deep UV wave lengths making them useful for high resolution photolithographic applications. These polymers are particularly useful in chemically amplified positive and negati ...



Fukuma Tetsuya, Fujio Shinji: Distribution server of transaction request information for settlement system and method and system for settlement. Sumitomo Credit Service, November 30, 2000: JP2000-331095 (1 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a settlement method which has a common mechanism coping with various settlement methods for electronic settlement. SOLUTION: A subscribing member transmits an ID and a password, which are automatically picked up by an authentication server 209, to a distribution serve ...

Fukuma Tetsuya, Fujio Shinji: System and method for settlement and server and method for managing prepaying. Sumitomo Credit Service, November 30, 2000: JP2000-331227 (1 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a settlement system by which prepaid settlement is presented to the user of another card as a gift. SOLUTION: A subscribing member designate information of transmitting destination information of ID(identity number) issued by a prepaying settlement server 205-c when ...

Sabikawa Koichi: Disengagement preventing tool for fitting for fire hose. Sabikawa Koichi, November 30, 2000: JP2000-329280 (2 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent the occurrence of unexpecting disengagement of a fitting for a fire hose. SOLUTION: This disengagement preventing tool comprises an approximate cylindrical insertion metal fitting 2 having an annular protrusion part 5 formed on the outer peripheral surface of an end ...

Nieminski Brant R, Monteith Gary E, Kipfer Charles W, Gibbs Brian P, Romie Norbert E, Thomas David H, Wolverton Gordon J: Renforcement symetrique de tablier, Symmetrical dash reinforcement. International Truck Intellectual Property Company, International Truck Intellectual Property Company, FINLAYSON & SINGLEHURST, November 30, 2000: CA2373779

A dash reinforcement (10) for a mobile vehicle with a passenger cab (101) such as a sport utility vehicle, or medium or heavy-duty truck. The dash reinforcement (10) may be a stamped sheet metal panel that strengthens the dash structure of the cab and provides for mounting of vehicle components. The ...

Sargent Frank T: Dispositif dattelage de remorque a double action, Double-acting trailer hitch. Sargent Frank T, Sargent Frank T, MACRAE & CO, November 30, 2000: CA2337791

A double-acting, weight distributing trailer hitch (10) includes a drawbar assembly (20) and a hitchhead assembly (16). The drawbar assembly is releasably connected to the tow vehicle and includes a first coupling component (30) at its rearward end. The hitchhead assembly includes a second coupling ...