Runhai Lu
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The invention is directed to a polymer dispersant comprising a substituted polyimide or polyamide backbone, having at least some proportion of oligomeric or polymeric grafted side chains including one of amides, esters, and thioesters, having the general formula: wherein X is at least one of hydroge ...

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A gaming machine includes main and secondary displays. The secondary display is disposed apart from the primary display and is used for presenting primary, secondary, or even tertiary information. The main display is controlled electronically by a gaming machine controller, which main display presen ...

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A method and apparatus for providing concurrent applications of intermittent pneumatic compression therapy and vacuum assisted closure therapy generally comprises a wound dressing for introduction of a negative pressure into a wound on a patient's foot and a foot wrap for application of positive, co ...

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A descriptive data structure provides an abstract representation of a rights management data structure such as a secure container. The abstract representation may describe, for example, the layout of the rights management data structure. It can also provide metadata describing or defining other char ...

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The present invention has particular applications to the navigation of Internet web pages using two-way interactive communication devices, such as a mobile device, a mobile phone, a landline telephone, and an Internet capable remote controller. According to one aspect of the present invention, each ...

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A programmable diverse interaction code module (DIM) in an enterprise-hosted multimedia call center (MMCC) for facilitates and monitors diverse interactions between parties communicating through the MMCC, and includes a database interface for access to an MMCC data repository; and an association fac ...

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There is provided an implantable system and method for monitoring pancreatic beta cell electrical activity in a patient in order to obtain a measure of a patient's insulin demand and blood glucose level. A stimulus generator is controlled to deliver stimulus pulses so as to synchronize pancreatic be ...

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Devices, systems, and methods for suturing of body lumens allow the suturing of vascular puncture sites located at the distal end of a percutaneous tissue tract. An elongated articulated foot near a distal end of a shaft is inserted through the penetration and actuated so that the foot extends along ...

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Methods of managing digital objects in a network are presented. Holders of rights in digital objects are enabled to control terns and conditions under which they are accessed by users in a network, or are granted to others.

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An intervertebral prosthesis dimensioned for insertion within an intervertebral space between adjacent vertebrae to replace at least a portion of an intervertebral disc removed therefrom, includes a disc member having sufficient rigidity to support the adjacent vertebrae in spaced relation. The disc ...