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A modular rearview mirror assembly for vehicles incorporates one or more integrated subassembly modules or carrier members to which are connected separate electrical components such as lamps, reflectors, switches, plug receptacles and the like to simplify mirror assembly and provide integral support ...

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Systems and methods for controlling the power supplied to an electrosurgical probe are disclosed. The systems and methods may be used to monitor electrode-tissue contact, adjust power in response to a loss of contact, and apply power in such a manner that charring, coagulum formation and tissue popp ...

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The Laser Induced Fluorescence Attenuation Spectroscopy (LIFAS) method and apparatus preferably include a source adapted to emit radiation that is directed at a sample volume in a sample to produce return light from the sample, such return light including modulated return light resulting from modula ...

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An electronic book comprising multiple, electronically addressable, page displays is described. Said page displays may be formed on flexible, thin substrates. Said book may additionally encompass memory, power, control functions and communications.

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A market making node in a network routes machine readable documents to connect businesses with customers, suppliers and trading partners. The self defining electronic documents, such as XML based documents, can be easily understood amongst the partners. Definitions of these electronic business docum ...

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A portable data collection device having a modular imaging-based dataform reader. The dataform reader includes a two dimensional imaging assembly adapted to image and decode a dataform printed using ink that fluoresces when illuminated by ultraviolet light. The imaging assembly includes a two dimens ...

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An ablation balloon catheter for treating tissues or atherosclerosis on a patient having a prior angioplasty procedure, the balloon catheter comprising a conductive elastomer electrode means which is coated onto a balloon surface and is connected to a radiofrequency current source to supply radiofre ...

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A multi-directional electrode catheter comprising an elongated tubular catheter body, a catheter tip section at the distal end of the catheter body and a control handle at the proximal end of the catheter. The catheter body may have a central lumen, and four off-axis lumens symmetrically positioned ...

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An information display system for a vehicle includes a reverse image display and a rearview mirror. The reverse image display is positioned rearwardly of a driver of the vehicle such that an image of the message being displayed is reflected from the rearview mirror and received in reverse order and ...

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A system and method for conducting commerce over a distributed network manage merchant and product information in an electronic shopping basket, payment source information in an electronic wallet, and shipping address information in an electronic address book, all of such information being stored on ...