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A sensor designed to determine the amount and concentration of analyte in a sample having a volume of less than about 1 .mu.L. The sensor has a working electrode coated with a non-leachable redox mediator. The redox mediator acts as an electron transfer agent between the analyte and the electrode. I ...

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A small diameter flexible electrode designed for subcutaneous in vivo amperometric monitoring of glucose is described. The electrode is designed to allow "one-point" in vivo calibration, i.e., to have zero output current at zero glucose concentration, even in the presence of other electroreactive sp ...

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Various improvements to steganographic systems, and applications therefore, are disclosed. The improvements include facilitating scale and rotation registration for steganographic decoding by use of rotationally symmetric steganographically embedded patterns and subliminal digital graticules; improv ...

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An endoscopic stapler includes a stapling head which is removably locatable on the distal end of an endoscope. The stapling head includes a stationary part which houses a removable staple cartridge and a movable part which includes an anvil for receiving and bending the ends of staples fired from th ...

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This invention is an implantable sensor and system capable of measuring, controlling, monitoring and reporting blood constituent levels. The implantable sensor for sensing in vivo the level of at least one blood constituent in mammalian vascular tissue having at least one source of radiation from in ...

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A coating and method for implantable open lattice metallic stent prostheses are disclosed. The coating includes a relatively thin layer of biostable elastomeric material containing an amount of biologically active material, particularly heparin, dispersed in the coating in combination with a non-thr ...

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Games of skill or chance which provide a player, who has received a wild indicia during one game, with the opportunity to reserve that wild indicia for use in a subsequent game.

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An electronic camera system includes a programmable transmission capability for selectively transmitting electronic image data to a plurality of remote base units. In one embodiment, a camera module is detachably coupled to a portable computer including a display screen and a data entry device. The ...

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A system, method, and software product create contextual hypertext links relevant to a user selected portion of a source document. The contextual links enable the user to dynamically associate the source document with any available target document, regardless of whether links where created between t ...

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A method is provided for removing at least one tissue sample from a surgical patient using a biopsy instrument. The biopsy instrument comprises an elongated piercer having a piercer lumen extending therethrough. The biopsy instrument further comprises a cutter rotatably and translationally positiona ...