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A bipolar electrosurgical instrument for vessel sealing comprises first and second members connected by a pivot. A pair of jaws have opposable seal surfaces that are designed to grasp vascular tissue and conduct bipolar electrosurgical current therethrough. Electrodes on the jaws, including the seal ...

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The present invention provides DNA molecules that constitute fragments of the genome of a plant, and polypeptides encoded thereby. The DNA molecules are useful for specifying a gene product in cells, either as a promoter or as a protein coding sequence or as an UTR or as a 3' termination sequence, a ...

Metcalfe Paul David, Simpson Neil Andrew Abercrombi: Bore-drilling bit and bore isolation expander for single trip use.. Petroline Wellsystems, Astec Dev, September 6, 2000: GB2347445-A (166 worldwide citation)

A drill bit 22 for mounting on a drill string 10 including a section of expandable tubing 18 and a tubing expander 20. Rotation of the drill bit allows the drill string to advance through the bore 12, followed by location of the tubing 18 to overlap the existing casing 14 at 46. Tubing expander 20 i ...

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The sequences of 5' ESTs derived from mRNAs encoding secreted proteins are disclosed. The 5' ESTs may be to obtain cDNAs and genomic DNAs corresponding to the 5' ESTs. The 5' ESTs may also be used in diagnostic, forensic, gene therapy, and chromosome mapping procedures. Upstream regulatory sequences ...

Metcalfe Paul David: Downhole tubing. Petroline Wellsystems, Weatherford Lamb, September 6, 2000: GB2347446-A (118 worldwide citation)

There is provided a downhole tubing sealing system (10) comprising a radially expandable slotted tubular body (16) carrying deformable material (22) on the exterior thereof; and a seal member (26) for location within the tubular body and for engaging an inner surface of said body. There is further p ...

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In a communications system having an authentication function, a relaying apparatus 3 has an authentication circuit 6 for checking whether reader/writers 2-1 to 2-n are authentic or not by detecting whether or not the authentication signals from the reader/writers 2-1 to 2-n have been subjected to a ...

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Longitudinal gratings having an aperiodic structure, wherein the grating has a selected response characteristic and any repeated unit cell in the structure is significantly longer than a characteristic length associated with the selected response characteristic. The gratings can be used for filters, ...

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The central heating controller has a switch (P1,P2) for each day (A-G) of the week. These allow two time cycles (T1,T2) to be displayed and selected that permits different daily cycles to be programmed for two groups of days. The time periods (3) can be set using selectors (4-7) and uses a numerical ...

Alberth Jr William Paul, Steele Scott: Use of motion to input information into a radio telephone. Motorola, September 6, 2000: GB2347593-A (46 worldwide citation)

A user of a radio telephone moves the telephone in patterns in order to input characters or select functions. Motion patterns of the user's choice may be assigned to various functions or characters. The telephone may have an accelerometer to detect movement.

Shimomura Satoshi, Takahashi Masayuki: Music game system, game control method for the game system, and computer-readable memory medium. Konami, September 6, 2000: EP1033157-A2 (42 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a music game system in which the attraction of a game is increased by effectively using limited music data. The music game system comprises an input device 4 for outputting signals in correspondence with the operation states of push-switches 5; a ROM 30a in which are stored music data f ...