Andreas G Weichert
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Substituted bicyclic heteroaroylguanidines, a process for their preparation, their use as a medicament or a diagnostic agent, and a medicament containing them are described, as are the pharmaceutically tolerated salts thereof. A process for their preparation, and their use as medicines and diagnosti ...

Jeffery V Funderburk, April A Marano, Jeffrey F Field: Injector for a subcutaneous insertion set. MiniMed, MiniMed, July 25, 2000: US06093172 (847 worldwide citation)

An injector is provided for automatic placement of a subcutaneous insertion set such as an infusion set or the like used for delivering a selected medication to a patient. The injector comprises a spring-loaded plunger having a head for receiving and supporting the insertion set in a position for pl ...

David D Cunningham, Timothy P Henning, Eric B Shain, Douglas F Young, Andrew J Muetterties, Thomas G Schapira, Geoffrey R Chambers, Graham J Hughes, Jared L Watkin, Gary F Prokop, Joshua P Goldfarb: Method and apparatus for obtaining blood for diagnostic tests. Abbott Laboratories, David L Weinstein, July 25, 2000: US06093156 (615 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for obtaining a sample of blood from a patient for subsequent diagnostic tests, e.g., glucose monitoring. In one aspect of the invention, the method comprises the steps of:

Nicholas Luke Bennett: Multiline gaming machine. Aristocrat Leisure, Rosenman & Colin, July 25, 2000: US06093102 (542 worldwide citation)

A gaming machine has a display which displays a symbols in an array format of n rows and m columns of symbol positions. A game control controls images displayed on the display and is arranged to pay a prize when a predetermined combination of symbols is displayed in a predetermined arrangement of sy ...

Jeffrey Ying: Multi-tier architecture for control network. I O Control Corporation, Lyon & Lyon, July 25, 2000: US06094416 (532 worldwide citation)

A multi-tier, master-slave control network has at least three data buses. A first-tier master node and a plurality of first-tier slave nodes are connected to a main data bus. One or more first-tier slave nodes are connected to secondary data buses. The secondary data buses are connected to second-ti ...

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A radio frequency generator for an electrosurgical system is provided, the system including an electrode assembly having two electrodes for use immersed in an electrically conductive fluid. The generator has control circuitry for rapidly reducing the delivered radio frequency output power by at leas ...

Edward M Filangeri: Physiological monitoring. Matsushita Electric Works, Fish & Richardson P C, July 25, 2000: US06093146 (492 worldwide citation)

A physiological monitoring system includes a base station, the base station having a first wireless transceiver, and a patient monitor, the patient monitor comprising a data input, the data input configured to receive data regarding a physiological condition of a patient, the patient monitor further ...

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Methods and systems are provided for supporting keyword searches of data items in a structured database, such as a relational database. Selected data items are retrieved using an SQL query or other mechanism. The retrieved data values are documented using a markup language such as HTML. The document ...

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An intra-luminal device comprises a flow retainer and/or modulator for maintaining an embolic mass within an aneurysm and, optionally, for diverting or modulating fluid flow, and an anchoring element for fixating the retainer within a lumen in a patient's body. The retainer is introduced into the bo ...

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A prosthesis for the replacement of an intervertebral disc of the spine comprises a block of an elastomeric material, which is held under compression by an encapsulating textile fabric. A preferred version of the invention (see FIG. 8) has continuations of the encapsulating fabric forming an interdi ...