Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred C Thomas III, Glenn B Dixon: Latent illuminance discrimination marker system for data storage cartridges. Iomega Corporation, Woodcock Washburn Kurtz MacKiewicz & Norris, July 18, 2000: US06091563 (19 worldwide citation)

A data storage cartridge for a data storage disk drive has a latent illuminance marker. A light source illuminates the marker and the marker emits illuminance as phosphorescence. A photosensor detects the emitted illuminance, and the decay time is determined. The decay time is checked to provide ide ...

Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc DuBois, Edmond Payen, Michel Fournier, Pascal Blanchard, Anne Griboval: Process for preparing water-treatment catalysts. Elf Antar France, Burgess Ryan & Wayne, July 18, 2000: US06090745 (10 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a method for preparing catalysts, containing metals of groups VI and VIII on a carrier. The metals of groups VI and VIII metals are introduced in the form of a compound of formula M.sub.x A B.sub.12 O.sub.40 in which M is cobalt and/or nickel, A is phosphorus, silicon and/or b ...

Nathaniel Brese
Nathaniel E Brese, Vaddi Butchi Reddy: Alkali iodide doped zinc sulfide electroluminescent phoshor. Osram Sylvania, William H McNeill, July 18, 2000: US06090311 (8 worldwide citation)

An electroluminescent phosphor containing an alkali iodide dopant, such as lithium iodide or potassium iodide, and having CIE coordinates of x=0.173 to 0.187 and y=0.392 to <0.424. The phosphor without alkali iodide dopant has CIE coordinates of x.apprxeq.0.180 to 0.184 and y.apprxeq.0.424 to 0.426. ...

Dennis D Hollenberg: Situation information system. July 18, 2000: US06091956 (1065 worldwide citation)

A wireless system for providing services and time-critical information about places and events to mobile computers and their users proximate to their current locations or potential destinations within enclosed areas, urban landscapes, and open areas, including travel distances and transit times, ent ...

Robert A Brodersen, Prashant Chatterjee, Peter S Lim: Database management system which synchronizes an enterprise server and a workgroup user client using a docking agent. Siebel Systems, Cooley Godward, July 18, 2000: US06092083 (965 worldwide citation)

Method of and apparatus for collecting, storing, and retrieving data in a database management system. The database management system has an enterprise server and at least one workgroup user client. The method includes creating a transaction in a local database resident on said workgroup user client, ...

Richard Jay Schneider, Rex Carlson: Gaming apparatus and method including a player interactive bonus game. Casino Data Systems, Bernhard Kreten, July 18, 2000: US06089976 (913 worldwide citation)

A gaming apparatus and method including a primary game and a player interactive bonus game actuated by a qualifying outcome of the primary game and including a bonus award display showing a multiplicity of images displayed on a video monitor from which a player selects until achieving a pair of matc ...

Nicholas Luke Bennett: Slot machine game with roaming wild card. Friedman Siegelbaum, July 18, 2000: US06089977 (908 worldwide citation)

A slot machine 40, of the type having a video display screen which displays a plurality of rotatable reels 42 carrying symbols 43, is arranged to pay a prize on the occurrence of a predetermined symbol or combination of symbols. The game includes a special feature which is invoked when a special tri ...

William R Adams: Method of playing game and gaming games with an additional payout indicator. Anchor Gaming, Galgano & Burke, July 18, 2000: US06089978 (791 worldwide citation)

Gaming devices comprising a standard gaming unit, e.g., three reels, and a discernible additional payout indicator, e.g., a rotatable wheel. A preferred bonus payout indicator is clearly visible by the player and is actuatable when the reels of the slot machine stop on certain predetermined indicia. ...

Peter E Daddona, Gregory T Fieldson, Avtar S Nat, Wei Qi Lin: Minimally invasive detecting device. Alza Corporation, D Byron Miller, Steve F Stone, July 18, 2000: US06091975 (776 worldwide citation)

An agent detecting device comprising a plate (6) having a plurality of microprotrusions (4) for piercing the skin of a patient. Each of the microprotrusions (4) having an electrode (14, 16 and 18) thereon for detecting the presence of an agent in the patient's interstitial fluid.

Stephen R Forrest, Paul Burrows, Dmitri Z Garbuzov: Displays having mesa pixel configuration. The Trustees of Princeton University, Kenyon & Kenyon, July 18, 2000: US06091195 (676 worldwide citation)

A multicolor organic light emitting display device employs angle-walled blue, green and red emitting mesas, with optional metal reflectors on the angled walls, in a plurality of pixels. The angle-walled mesas, which resemble truncated pyramids, direct light out of the mesa by reflection from the mes ...