Eric First, M.D.
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The compositions and methods disclosed herein utilize admixtures of neurotoxins to cause denervation which is unexpectedly more localized and of longer duration than otherwise occurs with single neurotoxins. The compositions and methods of the invention utilize neurotoxin admixtures calibrated in me ...

David Mosley
Renee Caroline Roemmele, Andrew William Gross, David Wayne Mosley: Process for chloroalkynes and alkynyl amines. Rohm and Haas Company, Clark R Carpenter, July 11, 2000: US06087535

This invention provides an improved process for the preparation of chloroalkynes from alkynyl alcohols. The chloroalkynes can be employed to prepare alkynyl amines which are useful for the manufacture of biologically active materials. The present invention reduces the hazards of the chlorination rea ...


Maged Beshai
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Techniques of service-rate controls in ATM switches are described, and apparatus for their implementation are devised. The techniques fall in two categories: frequency domain controls, and time-domain controls. The regulators control the service rate on a per-class basis or on a per-connection basis ...

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An electrochemical sensor includes electronic circuitry for automatically performing on a periodic basis, e.g., every 1 to 24 hours, specified integrity tests which verify proper operation of the sensor.

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A method of fabricating semiconductor devices using ink-jet printing is provided to directly deposit patterned polymer films to create OLED's and other semiconductor devices. The luminescence of poly-vinylcarbazol (PVK) films, with dyes of coumarin 6 (C6), coumarin 47 (C47), and nile red was similar ...

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The present invention is a control apparatus for removing at least one tissue sample from a surgical patient using a surgical biopsy device. The biopsy device comprises an elongated piercer having a piercer lumen extending therethrough, and a cutter rotatably and axially positionable relative to the ...

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A system and method for scheduling the receipt of desired movies and other forms of data from a network, which simultaneously distributes many sources of such data to many customers, as in a cable television system. Customer profiles are developed for the recipient describing how important certain c ...

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An endoscopic surgical instrument includes a flexible tube, a grasping and fastening end effector coupled to the distal end of the tube, and a manual actuator coupled to the proximal end of the tube. The manual actuator is coupled to the end effector by a plurality of flexible cables which extend th ...

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A user-friendly on-line computerized system operates in real-time thus streamlining the processing of applications for products and services offered by a financial institution. The system automates many steps in the credit and liability review and approval process, performs background credit worthin ...