Charles Szmanda
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The present invention provides novel polymers and chemically-amplified positive-acting photoresist compositions that contain such polymers as a resin binder component. The polymers of the invention include acid labile groups that contain isobornyl moieties and groups that contribute to aqueous devel ...

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The present invention teaches a variety of methods and systems for providing computer/human interfaces. According to one method, the user interfaces with an electronic device such as a computer system by engaging a sensor with desired regions of an encoded physical medium. The encoded physical mediu ...

Darren M Redfern: Natural language meta-search system and method. Open Text Corporation, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto, June 20, 2000: US06078914 (563 worldwide citation)

A meta search system accepts natural language queries which are parsed to extract relevant content, this relevant content being formed into queries suitable for each of a selected number of search engines and being transmitted thereto. The results from the search engines are received and examined an ...

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The present invention is directed generally to a method and apparatus for operating a gaming device having a flat rate play session costing a flat rate price. The flat rate play session spans multiple plays on the gaming device over a pre-established duration. The gaming device identifies price para ...

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An information platform automates the collection of data, provides a method for organizing the library of information and provides analysis using multiple content-types, thereby providing a user with a market understanding necessary to execute rapid and knowledgeable decision making. The information ...

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A spinal screw or hook has a slotted head to receive a support rod. A two-piece rod retainer is provided with an outer ring-like collar locked into the interior of the slotted head and a fastener extending through the collar to contact a support rod in the bottom of the slot.

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A graft assembly for securely positioning a graft at a predetermined location across an abdominal aortic aneurysm. The assembly includes a resilient self-expanding anchor that is secured to the graft. The anchor is characterized as being at least as long as the graft, and further as being adapted to ...

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A cooperative group gaming apparatus and method therefore including a plurality of gaming machines including means for individual play, means for communal play and communal payout means influenced by any gaming machine participating in cooperative group play, said plurality of gaming machines operat ...

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A memory device having a plurality of memory arrays. Each array has a plurality of memory cells, each memory cell including an electrode defining a respective contact area. Each memory array is formed by depositing a continuous chalcogenide layer. This chalcogenide layer, even when continuous, will ...

Gary Culliss: Method for organizing information. Gary Culliss, June 20, 2000: US06078916 (380 worldwide citation)

A method of organizing information in which the search activity of a user is monitored and such activity is used to organize articles in a subsequent search. The invention operates by assigning scores to articles under key term components in an index. As users enter search queries and select article ...