Andreas G Weichert
Andreas Weichert, Joachim Brendel, Heinz Werner Kleemann, Hans Jochen Lang, Jan Robert Schwark, Udo Albus, Wolfgang Scholz: Ortho-substituted benzoylguanidines, process for their preparation, their use as a medicament or diagnostic, and medicament comprising them. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, June 13, 2000: US06075054

Benzoylguanidines of formula I ##STR1## with R(1) to R(4) as defined in the specification, are suitable as antiarrhythmic pharmaceuticals having a cardioprotective component for infarct prophylaxis and infarct treatment as well as for the treatment of angina pectoris.

Nigel Mark Goble, Colin Charles Owen Goble: Electrosurgical instrument and an electrosurgical electrode assembly. Gyrus Medical, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, June 13, 2000: US06074386 (713 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical instrument primarily intended for so-called "underwater" electrosurgery has a radio frequency generator, a handpiece, and an electrode assembly detachably mounted to the handpiece. Different electrode assemblies may be selected according to the surgical procedure to be performed. ...

Nadav Kedem: Mass storage subsystem and backup arrangement for digital data processing system which permits information to be backed up while host computer(s) continue(s) operating in connection with information stored on mass storage subsystem. EMC Corporation, Richard A Jordan, John M Gunther, June 13, 2000: US06076148 (593 worldwide citation)

A computer system includes a host computer, a mass storage subsystem and a backup subsystem for backing up information stored on the mass storage subsystem. The mass storage subsystem stores information on a series of tracks. A backup bit map includes a plurality of bits each associated with a respe ...

Raju Kucherlapati, Aya Jakobovits, Sue Klapholz, Daniel G Brenner, Daniel J Capon: Human antibodies derived from immunized xenomice. Abgenix, James F Haley Jr, Jane T Gunnison, Fish & Neave, June 13, 2000: US06075181 (544 worldwide citation)

Antibodies with fully human variable regions against a specific antigen can be prepared by administering the antigen to a transgenic animal which has been modified to produce such antibodies in response to antigenic challenge, but whose endogenous loci have been disabled. Various subsequent manipula ...

Edouard Bugnion, Scott W Devine, Mendel Rosenblum: Virtual machine monitors for scalable multiprocessors. The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, June 13, 2000: US06075938 (499 worldwide citation)

The problem of extending modern operating systems to run efficiently on large-scale shared memory multiprocessors without a large implementation effort is solved by a unique type of virtual machine monitor. Virtual machines are used to run multiple commodity operating systems on a scalable multiproc ...

Woojin Paik, Elizabeth D Liddy, Jennifer Heverin Liddy, Ian Harcourt Niles, Eileen E Allen: Information extraction system and method using concept relation concept (CRC) triples. Townsend and Townsend and Crew, June 13, 2000: US06076088 (438 worldwide citation)

An information extraction system that allows users to ask questions about documents in a database, and responds to queries by returning possibly relevant information which is extracted from the documents. The system is domain-independent, and automatically builds its own subject knowledge base. It c ...

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A method of constructing an image mosaic comprising the steps of selecting source images, aligning the source images, selecting source segments, enhancing the images, and merging the images to form the image mosaic is disclosed. An apparatus for constructing an image mosaic comprising means for sele ...

Peter Metz Stavenhagen, Bernd Robioneck: Receiving part for a retaining component of a vertebral column implant. Howmedica, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, June 13, 2000: US06074391 (412 worldwide citation)

A receiving part for a retaining component of a vertebral column implant, having a fork-shaped section for receiving the retaining component, with the inner wall of the fork-shaped section including inner threaded portions into which there may be screwed a screw which, either directly or via a press ...

Steven M Schein, James J Leftwich, David M Folker, Keith Hunwick, Theresa Alba, Molly K King: Remote control device and method for using television schedule information. StarSight Telecast, Christie Parker & Hale, June 13, 2000: US06075575 (381 worldwide citation)

A remote control device 2 for navigating and interacting with a television schedule information system that is displayed, for example, on the viewer's television screen. The remote control device comprises a casing 4, a local controller 20 for scrolling a movable cursor 110 within an individual scre ...

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A surgical fastener in the form of a pinned retainer, instrument and method are provided for constructing a graft to artery anastomosis and other soft tissue anastomoses, particularly by minimally invasive (or endoscopic) surgery. The pinned retainer fastener is comprised of a needle and a retainer. ...