Kawasaki Masashi, Ono Hideo: Transistor and semiconductor device. Japan Science &Amp Technology, May 30, 2000: JP2000-150900 (1802 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a partially or entirely transparent transistor using a transparent channel layer such as zinc oxide. SOLUTION: A channel layer 11 is formed by a transparent semiconductor such as zinc oxide ZnO. In a source 12, a drain 13, or a gate 14, a transparent electrode is use ...

Jay S Walker, James A Jorasch, Magdalena Mik: Gaming device and method of operation thereof. Walker Digital, Dean Alderucci, Kurt M Maschoff, May 30, 2000: US06068552 (613 worldwide citation)

A gaming device such as a video based slot machine provides a player the ability to modify at least one parameter of the slot machine. The slot machine then modifies other parameters to ensure a desired house advantage. Odds, payout schedules and wager amounts may be customized by a player, and the ...

Brent Harms, Kurt Johnson: Customer identification and marketing analysis systems. Tecmark Services, Dorsey & Whitney, May 30, 2000: US06070147 (517 worldwide citation)

A method and system for administering a loyalty marketing program (i.e., frequent buyer program) by using a government-issued identification card, such as a driver's license, as the frequent buyer redemption card. The data encoded onto the card may include a driver's license number, as the person's ...

Darren B Remington, Warren T Dent: Electronic bill presentment and payment system. Microsoft Corporation, Lee & Hayes PLLC, May 30, 2000: US06070150 (433 worldwide citation)

A bill presentment and payment remittance system is configured for use over an electronic network, such as the Internet. The bill presentment and payment remittance system allows the biller to create a bill and payment remittance information in a format specified by the biller. The biller submits th ...

James F Zucherman, Ken Y Hsu, Charles J Winslow, Henry A Klyce: Spine distraction implant. St Francis Medical Technologies, Fliesler Dubb Meyer & Lovejoy, May 30, 2000: US06068630 (425 worldwide citation)

A spine distraction implant alleviates pain associated with spinal stenosis and facet arthropathy by expanding the volume in the spine canal and/or neural foramen. The implant provides a spinal extension stop while allowing freedom of spinal flexion.

James Henry Orszulak, Gary Lee Dobbins Jr: Smart recognition apparatus and method. Valleylab, May 30, 2000: US06068627 (395 worldwide citation)

A qualifying connection for an instrument attaches to a source of electrosurgery energy to and the instrument and has first and second parts coupled to the instrument and the source, respectively. Optical couplings on the connection transmit invisible energy to identify the instrument and are proxim ...

Patrick E White, Robert D Farris: Internet telephone service. Bell Atlantic Network Services, McDermott Will & Emery, May 30, 2000: US06069890 (351 worldwide citation)

A system and method for providing telephone type services over the internetwork commonly known as the Internet. Public switched telephone networks utilizing program controlled switching systems are arranged in an architecture with the Internet to provide a methodology for facilitating telephone use ...

Michel Haissaguerre, Walter Bruszewski, Le Le, Mark Maguire, John Gaiser, Huu Nguyen: System and methods for tissue mapping and ablation. Medtronic, Daniel W Latham, Harold R Patton, May 30, 2000: US06068629 (337 worldwide citation)

A steerable electrophysiology catheter includes a shaft having a distal ablation segment with one or more electrodes coupled to a source of electrical energy by a connector extending through the shaft. The distal ablation segment of the shaft is movable between a collapsed configuration sized for pe ...

Stephen J Brown, Erik K Jensen: Inductance-based dose measurement in syringes. Health Hero Network, Black Lowe & Graham PLLC, May 30, 2000: US06068615 (337 worldwide citation)

Measurements of insulin quantities in a syringe are performed inductively in an integrated insulin dose recorder/blood glucose meter. The syringe is placed in a holder before the administration of the dose, and the liquid quantity in the syringe is recorded. Inductors may be situated within the syri ...

Balakrishnan Narendran, Sampath Rangarajan, Shalini Yajnik: Data distribution techniques for load-balanced fault-tolerant web access. Lucent Technologies, May 30, 2000: US06070191 (321 worldwide citation)

A server system for processing client requests received over a communication network includes a cluster of N document servers and at least one redirection server. The redirection server receives a client request from the network and redirects it to one of the document servers, based on a set of pre- ...

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