Eric First, M.D.
Eric R First: Application of botulinum toxin to the management of neurogenic inflammatory disorders. Thomas J Nutter McClennen & Fish Engellenner, May 16, 2000: US06063768 (157 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method for the use of at least one serotype or a combination of serotypes of Botulinum neurotoxin either alone or in combination with other peptides or fusion proteins, that when administered in a safe and effective amount, antagonize and therefore decrease or block ...

Garo Khanarian
Larry F Charbonneau, Robert E Johnson, Helmut B Witteler, Garo Khanarian: Isosorbide containing polyesters and methods for making same. HNA Holdings, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis L, May 16, 2000: US06063464 (106 worldwide citation)

A polyester polymer and method for making the polyester, wherein the polyester is prepared by (1) combining in a reactor a monomer containing a diacid moiety; a monomer comprising a diol moiety; and a monomer containing an isosorbide moiety; with a condensation catalyst suitable for condensing aroma ...

Garo Khanarian
Larry F Charbonneau, Garo Khanarian, Robert E Johnson, Helmut B Witteler, John A Flint: Polyester fiber and methods for making same. HNA Holdings, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis L, May 16, 2000: US06063495 (64 worldwide citation)

A polyester fiber made from a polymer having ethylene glycol moieties, isosorbide moieties and terepthaloyl moieties, and the method of making the fiber is described. The polyester fiber is used to form articles suitable for commercial, especially textile, and industrial uses, and has an inherent vi ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Masud Beroz, Belgacem Haba, Christopher M Pickett: Lead formation usings grids. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, May 16, 2000: US06063648 (23 worldwide citation)

A component for making microelectronic units includes a grid of interspersed leads with ends of the various leads being connected to one another by frangible elements. One end of each lead is bonded to a top element and the other end of each lead is bonded to a bottom element. The top and bottom ele ...

Jennifer A Jacobi, Eric A Benson: System and methods for collaborative recommendations. Amazon com, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, May 16, 2000: US06064980 (630 worldwide citation)

A recommendation service is disclosed which uses collaborative filtering techniques to recommend books to users of a Web site. The Web site includes a catalog of the various titles that can be purchased via the site. The recommendation service includes a database of titles that have previously been ...

Shigeo Oi, Hiroshi Ohshima, Satoshi Hashimoto: Supporting element for staple region. Gunze, Armstrong Westerman Hattori McLeland & Naughton, May 16, 2000: US06063097 (523 worldwide citation)

A supporting element for a staple region suitable for application by an automatic stapling device employed during surgery. The supporting element comprises a fabric-like object having a tube-like shape, the supporting element in one end having a narrowed opening formed by stitching up with sewing ya ...

Robert A Luciano: Method of playing a multi-stage wagering game. Ian F Burns, May 16, 2000: US06062980 (477 worldwide citation)

A method of playing a multi-stage wagering game is disclosed in which two random outputs may be generated. The outputs may be generated simultaneously or consecutively, and the second may be dependent upon the first output. If the first output is a predefined first-stage winning output, a first-stag ...

Kevin Houser, Stephen DiMatteo: Articulable ultrasonic surgical apparatus. Verne E Kreger, May 16, 2000: US06063098 (471 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic surgical clamp coagulator apparatus is configured to effect cutting, coagulation, and clamping of tissue by cooperation of a clamping mechanism of the apparatus with an associated ultrasonic end-effector. Selective articulational positioning of the end-effector is achieved by the provi ...

Charles J Winslow: Method and instrumentation for implant insertion. United States Surgical Corporation, United States Surgical Corporation, May 16, 2000: US06063088 (463 worldwide citation)

A system for drilling a bore in adjacent vertebrae to facilitate the insertion of a fusion implant includes a surgical retractor having a sleeve member with proximal and distal end portions and defining a longitudinal opening and a drill instrument positionable within the longitudinal opening of the ...

Fridolin Schlapfer: Device for connecting a longitudinal support to a pedicle screw. Synthes, Pennie & Edmonds, May 16, 2000: US06063090 (449 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a device used to connect a longitudinal support to a pedicle screw by an accommodating head having a channel to accommodate the longitudinal support, wherein it is possible to freely choose from or mix laterally open, top open or closed accommodating heads. A top open accomm ...