Craig Allen
David B Taubenheim, Thomas Raymond Nolan, Craig Allen Lee, Bradley Davis: Selective call device and method for providing a stream of information. Motorola, Keith A Chanroo, May 9, 2000: US06060997 (81 worldwide citation)

A selective call device (130) has a receiver (204) for receiving information at a first rate and a switch (229, 230) for selecting a streaming mode for providing the information. A processor (210) for determining when the streaming mode is selected, and in response thereto, creates a buffer (221, 22 ...

Olaf Vancura: Gaming machines with bonusing. Mikohn Gaming Corporation, Dorr Carson Sloan & Birney P C, May 9, 2000: US06059289 (788 worldwide citation)

A method is set forth for playing a bonus game in a secondary slot machine adjacent a primary slot machine. The primary slot machine issues a bonus qualifying signal to the secondary slot machine to start play of a bonus game when a bonus qualifying event occurs. The reels of the bonus game include ...

Barbara Mangano, Mark R Casburn: Spinning wheel game and device therefor. Philip J Quirk & Tratos Anderson, May 9, 2000: US06059658 (623 worldwide citation)

A device and method for playing a primary and a secondary, bonus game are set forth which includes a primary game device and a secondary game device having a display having five concentrically arranged wheels each having an indicia of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and a wild symbol. In response to ...

York Eggleston, Andrey Ukhov: System and method for incentive programs and award fulfillment. York Eggleston, Foley Hoag & Eliot, May 9, 2000: US06061660 (619 worldwide citation)

A method and system for providing incentive programs over a computer network is provided in which a host may provide sponsoring companies with the capability to buy prepackaged or self-built incentive programs, offer such incentive programs to consumers, provide sponsoring companies and retailers wi ...

Jeffrey C Smith, Jean Christophe Bandini: Method and system for dynamic server document encryption. Tumbleweed Communications, James D Ivey, Michael A Glenn, May 9, 2000: US06061448 (415 worldwide citation)

A method and system are provided for secure document delivery over a wide area network, such as the Internet. A sender directs a Delivery Server to retrieve an intended recipient's public key. The Delivery Server dynamically queries a certificate authority and retrieves the public key. The public ke ...

Michael W Thomas, James E Allard, Michael Howard, Sophia Chung, Cameron Ferroni, Douglas C Henbenthal, John Ludeman, Kim Stebbens, Henry L Sanders II, David R Treadwell III: System and method for administering a meta database as an integral component of an information server. Microsoft Corporation, Workman Nydegger & Seeley, May 9, 2000: US06061692 (359 worldwide citation)

An information server adapted to service requests for information has an integral database containing configuration information, application information, and/or content information. The information in the database is stored in a hierarchical fashion with elements that correspond, in some degree, wit ...

Keiko Yukawa, Toshihiko Yoshioka, Shiro Nankai: Biosensor. Matsushita Electric Industrial, McDermott Will & Emery, May 9, 2000: US06059946 (355 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a stable and cost-effective biosensor. The biosensor includes an electrically insulating base plate, an electrode system that includes at least a working electrode and counter electrode formed on the base plate, a reaction layer containing at least an enzyme, an electr ...

A Dean Papadopoulos, Allan Tanzman, Richard A Baker Jr, Rodolfo G Belliardi, Dennis J W Dube: System for remotely accessing an industrial control system over a commercial communications network. Schneider Automation, Michael J Femal, Larry I Golden, May 9, 2000: US06061603 (336 worldwide citation)

A control system allows a user to access a programmable logic controller (PLC). system over a communication network such as an Internet network using a web browser. The system includes an Internet web interface between the network and the programmable logic controller. The Web interface serves Web p ...

Cyril J Schweich Jr, Todd J Mortier: Heart wall tension reduction apparatus. Myocor, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner, May 9, 2000: US06059715 (335 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for treatment of a failing heart by reducing the wall tension therein. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a tension member for drawing at least two walls of a heart chamber toward each other.

John DiMaio, Yasuo Konishi, Feng Ni, Torsten Steinmetzer: Thrombin inhibitors based on the amino acid sequence of hirudin. The National Research Council of Canada, Foley & Lardner, May 9, 2000: US06060451 (334 worldwide citation)

A thrombin inhibitor comprising a first bulky hydrophobic portion interacting with the catalytic site of thrombin responsible for proteolysis and a second portion at least maintaining the hydrophobic and acidic character of amino acids 55 to 60 of native hirudin at the C-terminal non-catalytic regio ...