Benoit Sevigny
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Displayed picture points are re-locatable in response to manual operation of an interface device such as a stylus or a mouse etc. The interface device is activated, by being placed into pressure or by clicking, and an identified picture point is subsequently moved in response to manual operation of ...

Bryce Ulrich, Anthony Discolo, Salim Alam: Electronic mail object synchronization between a desktop computer and mobile device. Microsoft Corporation, Joseph R Westman Champlin & Kelly P A Kelly, April 18, 2000: US06052735 (842 worldwide citation)

A desktop computer and a mobile device both contain personal information management systems, such as electronic mail applications. Objects maintained by the electronic mail applications are synchronized between the desktop computer and the mobile device such that attachments to electronic mail messa ...

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A gaming device and method for a hybrid game including a coordination/dexterity portion and/or traditional game portion is provided. Preferably, both a coordination/dexterity game and a traditional game are part of a single hybrid game, both of which portions are played using a single display device ...

Sunil Paul: Apparatus and method for controlling delivery of unsolicited electronic mail. Bright Light Technologies, Covington & Burling, April 18, 2000: US06052709 (594 worldwide citation)

In a system and method and system for controlling delivery of unsolicited electronic mail messages, one or more spam probe e-mail addresses are created and planted at various sites on the communications network in order to insure their inclusion on large-scale electronic junk mail ("spam") mailing l ...

Gerald E Loeb, Frances J R Richmond: Implantable microstimulator and systems employing the same. Advanced Bionics Corporation, Bryant R Gold, April 18, 2000: US06051017 (571 worldwide citation)

Improved implantable microstimulators covered with a biocompatible polymeric coating in order to provide increased strength to the capsule thereof and to capture fragments of the microstimulator should it become mechanically disrupted and to make the microstimulator safer and easier to handle are pr ...

Norikiyo Shibata: Surgical anastomosis stapler. Olympus Optical, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, April 18, 2000: US06050472 (529 worldwide citation)

Improved medical suturing apparatus comprises a main body that consists of an operating member and an insertion member extending therefrom and an anvil head that is provided at the distal end of the main body for clinching a plurality of staples, said apparatus further including a staple head that h ...

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A bipolar electrosurgical instrument for vessel sealing comprises first and second members connected by a pivot. A pair of jaws have opposable seal surfaces that are designed to grasp vascular tissue and conduct bipolar electrosurgical current therethrough. Electrodes on the jaws, including the seal ...

Luca Comai, Margaret P Sanger, Stephen Daniel Daubert: Figwort mosaic virus promoter and uses. Calgene, April 18, 2000: US06051753 (495 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a novel plant promoter derived from the figwort mosaic virus and methods of use of same.

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Crosslinked polymer compositions comprise a first synthetic polymer containing multiple nucleophilic groups covalently bound to a second synthetic polymer containing multiple electrophilic groups. The first synthetic polymer is preferably a synthetic polypeptide or a polyethylene glycol that has bee ...

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A method for transparently monitoring and/or modifying web browsing activities over an entire computer network does not require modification of client software and can be implemented on a single server. By rerouting HTTP requests through a centralized gateway server, the sequence and timing of URLs ...