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A gaming apparatus which comprises a slot machine capable of accepting either paper currency, preprinted coupons, or cash out slips. The slot machine also includes a printer that prints and dispenses cash out slips which include a bar code representing a unique identification that provides the amoun ...

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An in vivo implantable sensor obtains spectra of body fluid constituents and processes the spectra to determine the concentration of a constituent of the body fluid. The sensor includes an optical source and detector. The source emits light at a `plurality of different, discrete wavelengths, includi ...

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A spine distraction implant alleviates pain associated with spinal stenosis and facet arthropathy by expanding the volume in the spine canal and/or neural foramen. The implant provides a spinal extension stop while allowing freedom of spinal flexion.

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A method and device for the placement of sutures and for the purpose of approximating tissue. The invention relates to devices for approximation, ligation and fixation of tissue using a suture, to various constituent parts comprising said devices, and particularly to the placement of sutures into ce ...

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In accordance with the present invention, a central controller stores a series of registrations, each of which corresponds to a purchaser of a product. The central controller calculates a measurement of product success, such as the number of products sold or the market share of the product. The cent ...

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Continuously variable headlamps offer greater flexibility for roadway illumination but offer challenges in automatic control design. Each continuously variable headlamp has an effective illumination range varied by changing at least one parameter from a set including horizontal direction aimed, vert ...

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An interactive television system that renders on-demand interactive multimedia services for a community of users. The interactive multimedia is delivered to each user on a TV or on a LAN-node (Local-Area-Network) computer through an "interactive TV channel" created and controlled by a Channel-proces ...

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Creators of computer software provide the most up-to-date versions of their computer software on an update service. A user who has purchased or downloaded free computer software calls an update service or a network service provider (e.g., an Internet provider) on a periodic basis. The update or netw ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electric tweezers for surgery capable of efficiently stopping bleeding.SOLUTION: Tweezers 110 comprises the tissue gripping surfaces 120, 122 opposite to one another on the point area 116, 118 of its leg parts 112, 114. At least one of tissue gripping surfaces com ...

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An object for providing isolated, hierarchical data storage can be used in a method for recommending an item to one of a plurality of users. The data object abstracts an associated physical memory element and provides an interface for storing data and retrieving data from the physical memory element ...