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A semiconductor memory device comprises a memory cell array having electrically erasable and programmable memory cells arranged in rows and columns, each memory cell capable of storing n-value data (n is 3 or a greater natural number), and a data circuit having m latch circuits for holding data item ...

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A surgical stapling apparatus having tissue bolstering material releasably attached thereto for application of the material and staples to body tisuse is disclosed. The tissue bolstering material is preferably releasably held to surfaces of the stapling apparatus through pins, clips or similar secur ...

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A communications system having a first server and a first client connected to the first server through a first network, wherein the first server selectively sends a set of InfoBites to the first client based on a filter. A method for distributing information for the above communications system, incl ...

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A method and apparatus for authenticating transactions accomplished over a data network utilizes a "cookie" containing both static information (user-identifying information) and dynamic information (transaction-based information). The transaction-oriented dynamic information portion comprises a rand ...

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Method and apparatus for promoting a spinal fusion between neighboring vertebrae. Apparatus may be located within the intervertebral disc space and preferably includes a pair of engaging plates for contacting the vertebrae. An alignment device may be used to alter the vertical distance between the e ...

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A non-invasive physiologic signs monitoring device includes a garment with electrocardiogram electrodes and various inductive plethysmographic sensors sewn, embroidered, embedded, or otherwise attached to the garment with an adhesive. The garment is in the form of a shirt. When the garment is fitted ...

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A method is disclosed for automatically updating the status of customers' orders and shipments via electronic mail without using a human attendant to create and send the electronic mail messages. Preferably implemented in software, the updating method allows a large set of customers to be periodical ...

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The present invention provides novel microfluidic devices and methods that are useful for performing high-throughput screening assays. In particular, the devices and methods of the invention are useful in screening large numbers of different compounds for their effects on a variety of chemical, and ...

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A monitor for determining a patient's physiological parameter includes a calibration device configured to provide a calibration signal representative of the patient's physiological parameter. An exciter is positioned over a blood vessel of the patient for inducing a transmitted exciter waveform into ...

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An apparatus for treatment of a failing heart by reducing the wall tension therein. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a tension member for drawing at least two walls of a heart chamber toward each other. Methods for placing the apparatus on the heart are also provided.