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Display devices such as EL elements or LED elements, or color filters, are provided, wherewith, when forming thin films such as organic semiconductor films or colored resins, there is remarkably little variation in film thickness from pixel to pixel. When fabricating thin film elements having banks ...

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Packages for an integrated circuit device and methods and leadframes for making such packages are disclosed. The package includes a die, a die pad, leads, bond wires, and an encapsulant. The lower surfaces of the die pad and leads are provided with a stepped profile by an etching step that etches pa ...

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The telephone system has several extensions (2) for use by inmates, and separate extensions (3) for the use of monitors. All extensions are connected to at least one supervisory unit (1) which can operate in a number of modes according to the institution in which it is installed. The prison administ ...

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A method of sampling, at a central location, data generated from a number of remote data sources. The method comprises: a) causing those data sources with generated data to implement a local response function; b) transmitting information from the central location to the remote data sources relating ...

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Gaming devices with electroluminescent illumination displays wherein the state of the electroluminescent display is changed in response to active input by a player and/or events occurring during the play of the game.

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The invention provides improved devices containing adherent carbon nanotube films, in particular electron field emitter structures containing such films. Previously, attaining even moderate adherence of powdery or mat-like nanotubes to a substrate was difficult, because of the perfect fullerene stru ...

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The recording medium (1) having the write-once recording area in which any information can be recorded and the recorded information cannot be rewritten is employed. A partial area of the write-once recording area is provided with the billing information recording area in which the billing informatio ...

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There is provided a semiconductor device including a semiconductor circuit formed by semiconductor elements having an LDD structure which has high reproducibility, improves the stability of TFTs and provides high productivity and a method for manufacturing the same. In order to achieve the object, t ...

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A data recording/reproducing method wherein encrypted digital data obtained by subjecting digital data to first encrypting by using a contents key and encrypted contents key obtained by subjecting the contents key to second encrypting are recorded on a recording medium, the encrypted digital data an ...

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The present invention relates, in general, to tissue decellularization and, in particular to a method of treating tissues, for example, heart valves, tendons and ligaments, so as to render them acellular and thereby limit mineralization and/or immunoreactivity upon implementation in vivo.