Eugene Fitzgerald
Eugene A Fitzgerald, Srikanth B Samavedam: Utilization of miscut substrates to improve relaxed graded silicon-germanium and germanium layers on silicon. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Samuels Gauthier & Stevens, March 21, 2000: US06039803 (61 worldwide citation)

A method of processing semiconductor materials, including providing a monocrystalline silicon substrate having a (001) crystallographic surface orientation; off-cutting the substrate to an orientation from about 2.degree. to about 6.degree. offset towards the [110] direction; and epitaxially growing ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, Stacy W Nichols: Large-scale service-rate regulators for ATM switching. Nortel Networks Corporation, Yoshiharu Toyooka, Victoria Donnelly, Gowling Strathy & Henderson, March 21, 2000: US06041040 (4 worldwide citation)

Techniques of service-rate controls in ATM switches are described, and apparatus for their implementation are devised. The techniques fall in two categories: frequency domain controls, and time-domain controls. The regulators control the service rate on a per-class basis or on a per-connection basis ...


Mark W Miles: Interferometric modulation. Etalon, Fish & Richardson P C, March 21, 2000: US06040937 (689 worldwide citation)

An interferometric modulator (Imod) cavity has a reflector and an induced absorber. A direct view reflective flat panel display may include an array of the modulators. Adjacent spacers of different thicknesses are fabricated on a substrate by a lift-off technique used to pattern the spacers which ar ...

Lehmann K Li, Rhodemann Li: Intervertebral spacer and tool and method for emplacement thereof. Li Medical Technologies, Pandiscio & Pandiscio, March 21, 2000: US06039761 (640 worldwide citation)

An intervertebral spacer comprises a multiplicity of interconnected wall elements collapsible to a first configuration wherein the wall elements are disposed in a compact arrangement, and expandable to a second configuration wherein the wall elements are disposed in an expanded arrangement which is ...

Steven P Buysse, Jenifer S Kennedy, Michael J Lands, Donald R Loeffler, S Wade Lukianow, Thomas P Ryan: Method of vascular tissue sealing pressure control. Valleylab, March 21, 2000: US06039733 (597 worldwide citation)

A clamping force mechanism and its method of use with electrosurgery allow a user to seal and/or join patient's particular vascular tissue; the mechanism is elongate with user and patient ends. An actuator is at the user end and the effectors are at the patient end. Each effector has a face of an ar ...

Alexander Chislenko, Yezdezard Z Lashkari, John E McNulty: Method and apparatus for item recommendation using automated collaborative filtering. Microsoft Corporation, Peter L Michaelson, Michaelson & Wallace, March 21, 2000: US06041311 (576 worldwide citation)

A method for recommending items to users using automated collaborative filtering stores profiles of users relating ratings to items in memory. Profiles of items may also be stored in memory, the item profiles associating users with the rating given to the item by that user or inferred for the user b ...

Robert Guinn, David Richards: Automated tournament gaming system: apparatus and method. Casino Data Systems, Bernhard Kreten, March 21, 2000: US06039648 (540 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for an automated tournament gaming system (10) comprising a central server computer (20) operatively coupled to, inter alia, a plurality of gaming machine G.sub.1, G.sub.2 . . . G.sub.N for automatically harnessing any of the gaming machines for automatically inciting and run ...

Alexis P Shelokov: Articulating spinal disc prosthesis. Disc Replacement Technologies, Randall C Brown, Rick Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld L Matos, March 21, 2000: US06039763 (497 worldwide citation)

The artificial spinal disc of the invention is intended to articulate in a manner resembling a human knee articulation. The artificial spinal disc includes two plates each having a planar outer surface and an articulating inner surface. The planar outer surfaces contact adjacent inferior and superio ...

Colin Charles Owen Goble: Electrosurgical hand-held battery-operated instrument. Gyrus Medical, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, March 21, 2000: US06039734 (408 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical instrument comprises a handpiece, a monopolar electrode unit having a single treatment electrode projecting from the handpiece, a radio-frequency generator and a battery within the handpiece for powering the generator. The generator has a single direct radio-frequency output patie ...