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Apparatus for and methods of inserting implants are disclosed wherein the apparatus includes a handle portion and a body portion attached to the handle portion and defining a longitudinal axis. The body portion includes an outer tubular member fixed relative to the handle portion for rotation therew ...

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A laparoscopic surgical device including a wound protector, a sleeve, and a surgical glove. The wound protector has inner and outer inflatable cuffs joined by a protector member. The protector member has a passageway extending longitudinally therethrough. The surgical glove includes a cuff portion h ...

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A technique for forming a film of material (12) from a donor substrate (10). The technique has a step of forming a stressed region in a selected manner at a selected depth (20) underneath the surface. An energy source such as pressurized fluid is directed to a selected region of the donor substrate ...

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A method for removing fatty tissue in a body combines cryosurgery and liposuction. Cryosurgery first destroys fatty tissue to be removed by controllably freezing the tissue, and facilitates removal of the fatty tissue. Liposuction subsequently removes the destroyed fatty tissue by aspiration.

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An image processing apparatus includes an image acquiring section for acquiring a color image including a human object image, a display section for displaying the acquired color image, a recognition color memory preliminarily storing therein a plurality of face recognition color data for recognition ...

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A data management system for file and database management including a design control system suitable for use in connection with the design of integrated circuits and other elements of manufacture having many parts which need to be developed in a concurrent engineering environment with inputs provide ...

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A method and apparatus for selectively disabling a magnetic head to protect the head from damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD) during manufacture. The magnetic head is electrically attached to a flexure. The flexure has a set of test pads and a hinged portion that includes a shorting bar. ...

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The invention relates to a display head-set device that includes a support member and a display-optics interface pod coupled to one of a left handle portion and a right handle portion of the support member. The display-optics interface pod houses an image display for viewing by a user. In one embodi ...

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A laptop has an integrated telephone, in which the telephone and mouse unit are arranged in a manner that allows the mouse to be adjusted to either side of the laptop computer to accommodate either a left-handed or right-handed person. A telephone is tightly integrated into the body of a laptop PC c ...

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Browser software implemented in a set-top box as part of a client system communicating over the Internet with one or more servers allows a user to navigate using a remote control through World-Wide Web pages in which a plurality of hypertext anchors are displayed on a television. A user input entere ...