Garo Khanarian
Garo Khanarian, Larry F Charbonneau, Robert E Johnson, Helmut B Witteler, Russel G Lee, Robert B Sandor, Gregory V Nelson: Sheets formed from polyesters including isosorbide. HNA Holdings, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis L, February 15, 2000: US06025061 (100 worldwide citation)

A sheet made of a polyester which includes monomer units of terephthaloyl moieties, ethylene glycol moieties and isosorbide moieties is described. The polyester has an inherent viscosity of at least about 0.35 dL/g when measured as a 1% (weight/volume) solution of said polyester in o-chlorophenol at ...


Morita Kiyoshi, Ota Hiromichi, Hosono Hideo, Kawazoe Hiroshi: Article having transparent conductive oxide thin film and its production. Hoya, February 15, 2000: JP2000-044236 (2600 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain an oxide film having excellent transmitting property for blue light while reducing the amt. of In2O3 which is a scarse mineral resource by using an oxide having a specified compsn. of Zn, Al and Ba, In as a target and specifying the substrate temp. and pressure. SOLUT ...

Elizabeth D Liddy, Woojin Paik, Mary E McKenna, Michael L Weiner, Edmund S Yu, Theodore G Diamond, Bhaskaran Balakrishnan, David L Snyder: User interface and other enhancements for natural language information retrieval system and method. Textwise, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, February 15, 2000: US06026388 (789 worldwide citation)

Techniques for generating sophisticated representations of the contents of both queries and documents in a retrieval system by using natural language processing (NLP) techniques to represent, index, and retrieve texts at the multiple levels (e.g., the morphological, lexical, syntactic, semantic, dis ...

Richard S Surwit, Lyle M Allen III, Sandra E Cummings: Systems, methods and computer program products for monitoring, diagnosing and treating medical conditions of remotely located patients. Healthware Corporation, Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec P A, February 15, 2000: US06024699 (763 worldwide citation)

Medical conditions of a plurality of remotely located patients are monitored, diagnosed, prioritized and treated using a central data processing system configured to communicate with and receive data from a plurality of respective patient monitoring systems. Patient monitoring systems are capable of ...

Warren P Williamson IV, David C Yates: Surgical tissue treating device with locking mechanism. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Bernard Shay, February 15, 2000: US06024741 (754 worldwide citation)

A locking mechanism for ensuring proper sequential usage of a surgical instrument is provided for an instrument utilizing a tissue treating energy, particularly a tissue heating energy, such as, for example, electrosurgical, ultrasonic, thermal, laser, infrared light, or other heating energies. One ...

Joseph H Matthews III, Frank Lawler, James O Robarts, David S Byrne: Electronic program guide with hyperlinks to target resources. Micrsoft Corporation, Lee & Hayes PLLC, February 15, 2000: US06025837 (649 worldwide citation)

An interactive entertainment system has a program provider which distributes video content programs to multiple subscribers over a distribution network. Each subscriber has a user interface unit which receives the digital video program and converts it for display on a television, monitor, or other d ...

Matthew Joseph Anglin: System including a proxy client to backup files in a distributed computing environment. International Business Machines Corporation, David W Konrad Raynes & Victor Victor, February 15, 2000: US06026414 (625 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a system for backing up files in a distributed computing system. A file server maintains files in a shared name space. The file server provides a first backup client program and a second backup client program with access to the files in the shared name space. The first backup client pro ...

Michael D Lesh, Michael Ronald Ross, Jonathan J Langberg, James C Peacock III: Circumferential ablation device assembly. The Regents of the University of California, Atrionix, Emory University, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, February 15, 2000: US06024740 (615 worldwide citation)

This invention is a circumferential ablation device assembly which is adapted to forming a circumferential conduction block in a pulmonary vein. The assembly includes a circumferential ablation element which is adapted to ablate a circumferential region of tissue along a pulmonary vein wall which ci ...

Yale Robert Brown, Matthew Brown Walker: On-line interactive system and method for providing content and advertising information to a targeted set of viewers. 24 7 Media, Beall Law Offices, February 15, 2000: US06026368 (603 worldwide citation)

Prioritized queues of advertising and content data are generated by a queue builder and sent to an on-line queue manager. A computer mediated communications network provides content and subscriber data to the queue builder and receives content segment play lists from the on-line queue manager. An ex ...

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