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The systems and methods described herein relate to LED systems capable of generating light, such as for illumination or display purposes. The light-emitting LEDs may be controlled by a processor to alter the brightness and/or color of the generated light, e.g., by using pulse-width modulated signals ...

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A slot machine providing a video display screen controlled to display indicia images arranged in a matrix. The video screen is of the touch sensitive variety, having an array of touch sensitive areas located on its display surface with one such area associated with each matrix element. The player se ...

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The present invention is a portable client PDA with a touch screen or other equivalent user interface and having a microphone and local central processing unit (CPU) for processing voice commands and for processing biometric data to provide user verification. The PDA also includes a memory for stori ...

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Disclosed is a multiple electrode, closed-loop, responsive system for the treatment of certain neurological diseases such as epilepsy, migraine headaches and Parkinson's disease. Brain electrodes would be placed in close proximity to the brain or deep within brain tissue. When a neurological event s ...

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The present invention provides a prize redemption system for use with one or more game apparatuses. A game is provided on a game apparatus for a player to play in exchange for monetary input, and prize credits are credited to the player based on the game. A prize selection menu is displayed by the g ...

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An electronic Personal Information Manager (PIM) including a peer-to-peer group scheduling/calendar system is described. The group scheduling/calendar system provides methods for peer-to-peer group scheduling among users, including those users who only have simple e-mail support (i.e., do not have a ...

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An electrosurgical instrument, which is used for the treatment of tissue in the presence of an electrically-conductive fluid medium, comprises an instrument shaft, and an electrode assembly at one end of the shaft. The electrode assembly comprises a tissue treatment electrode and a return electrode ...

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Disclosed are novel radioactive compositions which are particularly suited for treating solid mass tumors via catheter delivery.

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An electronic monetary system provides for transactions utilizing an electronic-monetary system that emulates a wallet or a purse that is customarily used for keeping money, credit cards and other forms of payment organized. Access to the instruments in the wallet or purse is restricted by a passwor ...

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An automatic, body-implantable medical device having at least two modes of operation is disclosed. The device is provided with circuitry for automatically detecting when the device has been implanted in a patient, so that the device can automatically switch from a first mode to a second mode of oper ...