Tanaka Toshinori, Ikeda Ryuichi, Sakabe Shigekazu, Daikoku Akihiro, Imagi Akihiko, Yoshikuwa Yoshio, Yamamoto Kyohei: Electrical motor for automobile power steering system.. Mitsubishi Electric, December 31, 1999: FR2780581-A1

The Electrical motor has a: - a casing (1); - a multi-polar magnetic field part, consisting of at least four poles, fixed to the internal wall of the casing (1); - a shaft (4) fitted inside the casing (1) so that it freely rotates. The motor has: - a rotor (20) fixed to the shaft (4) has a winding ( ...

Loibl Josef, Haupt Detlef, Franzen Frank: Electronic control device for motor vehicle. Siemens, December 31, 1999: FR2780603-A1

The control device has a base plate (10) supporting a conductor frame (20) coupled to an electronic circuit (23), enclosed by a housing cover (30'), fitted to the base plate to provide an oil-tight seal. The conductor frame is contacted by a number of electrical conductors (31) embedded in a plastic ...

Hindemith Reinhold: Machine for heat sealing paper packages. Icoma Fbs Packtechnik, December 31, 1999: FR2780333-A1

The machine for heat sealing paper packages has cooperating heat sealing positions (1a,b) at the sides of the packages and reciprocated along the package transport direction. The sealing position drive has a linear motor (2) with fixed (2a) and movable (2b,c) sections, the latter having guides (3).

Ide Shoichi: Multiple automatic form, fill and seal packaging machine for stick-like products. Sanko Kikai, December 31, 1999: FR2780382-A1

The machine has a slitter (6) for slitting wide sheet like packing material (FX) supplied from a take up roll (F) into a number of packing films (F1 - Fn), and heat sealing devices for seal molding each of the packing films into an elongated bag-like configuration. A material filling device is used ...

Courth Christian, Schmid Ralf: Suspended mounting for railway carriage bodywork. Knorr Bremse Systeme, December 31, 1999: FR2780373-A1

The railway carriage bodywork mounting (1) has one roller linkage (22) attaching it to the chassis, and is connected by a second roller linkage (23) to the bodywork. The mounting can incorporate a hydro-pneumatic suspension spring.

Prevot Gerard, Desplantes Gerard, Alvarez Eric: Lock mechanism for sliding door, window or similar. Ferco Int Usine Ferrures, December 31, 1999: FR2780434-A1

The mechanism comprises a sliding assembly (4) which moves lengthwise relative to a lock housing (3) and carries a bolt (40). It has an actuator (7) for moving the assembly away from the inner wall (17) of the door or window, and a barrel lock (46) operated by a key (45). The mechanism incorporates ...

Thomas Michael J, Fisher Kenneth R: Einrichtung und verfahren zum bearbeiten von blattmaterial unterschiedlicher breite. Gerber Scient Products, December 31, 1999: FR2780389-A1

Beschrieben sind eine Einrichtung und ein Verfahren zum Bearbeiten von Blattmaterial (S) unterschiedlicher Breite längs vorgegebener Bahnen. Unter Bearbeitung ist dabei das Schneiden und das Bedrucken des Blattmaterials (S) zu verstehen. Die Einrichtung enthält eine Instrumentenhalterung (38) für ei ...

Gartner Paul M, Darin Bradley J, List Werner, Nick Dennis P: Engine management system. Bosch Robert, December 31, 1999: FR2780448-A1

An engine management system for 4-cycle engines includes a processing means and utilizes various inputs from sensors operatively connected to the engine for the purpose of providing the correct fuel/air ratio or spark ignition angle for the engine in a manner whereby the transient response is fast. ...

Akemakou Dokou Antoine, Pelle Eric: Magnetic structure for motor vehicle alternator. Valeo Equip Electr Moteur, December 31, 1999: FR2780580-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

The alternator has structure including magnets and non-magnetic regions to reduce losses. The electric machine comprises a stator (1) and a rotor (2), the stator including a coil (14) housed in slots (13). The rotor includes successive excitation magnets which generate in the rotor two magnetic flux ...

Awaji Noriyuki, Tadaki Shinji, Betsui Keiichi: Plasma display panel especially an alternating plasma display panel useful for large area color display devices. Fujitsu, December 31, 1999: FR2780550-A1

A plasma display panel (PDP) has transparent and bus electrodes (11,12) covered with a dielectric layer composition containing the main bus electrode constituent. A PDP has transparent and bus electrodes (11,12) covered with a dielectric layer (14) and provided on at least one of a pair of facing su ...