Bungart Ernst, Meyer Heinrich, Quast Jorn Rainer: Hydraulically damped engine mounting for isolating vibrations in an engine. Mannesmann Boge, December 31, 1999: FR2780471-A1

The mounting has an adjustment mechanism comprising an auxiliary (4), and two fluid flow chambers (2, 3) defined by an additional suspension spring (1). A wall, which forms the spring, connects (5) to the fluid chamber and separates one fluid chamber from the auxiliary chamber to control fluid flow ...

Braun Guenter, Blessing Dietmar, Kottmann Matthias: Unit monitoring continuous voltage supply to sram in vehicle controller. Bosch Robert, December 31, 1999: FR2780568-A1

A reset circuit (24) is activated should the voltage regulator (20) detect undervoltage, or should the safety unit (26) detect malfunction of the controller (22). The controller (22) sensing the ignition switch signal (KL15), the continued operation signal (SWNL) and the control line signal (NL), de ...

Katz Werner, Koske Jorg Uwe, Merz Richard, Volker Nickel, Schwed Robert: Exterior rear view mirror with indicator light. Daimler Chrysler, December 31, 1999: FR2780359-A1

An exterior rear view mirror for vehicles, in particular for motor vehicles, has a mirror housing 2 accommodating a repeating flashing lamp 8 which has a light-outlet opening 6 in the mirror housing, through which opening 6 light can be emitted at least into an illuminated region directed counter to ...

Kolberg Uwe, Gierke Monika, Winkler Trudewig Magdalena, Weitzel Alwin: Lead-free optical glass of barium light flint glass, barium crown glass, crown glass, crown flint glass or boron crown glass type. Schott Glas, December 31, 1999: FR2780395-A1

A lead-free optical glass having specified contents of silicon, boron, barium, alkali metal and other oxides is new. A lead-free optical glass having a refractive index (nd) of 1.50-1.56 and an Abbe number (vd) of 50-64 has the composition (by wt.) 62-75% SiO2, 5-9.5% B2O3, 4.5-21% BaO, 0 to less th ...

Pollner Rudolf, Postler Iris, Eisele Ulrich: Applying ceramic layer onto ceramic green body for forming sliding-discharge spark plug. Bosch Robert, December 31, 1999: FR2780397-A1

Applying a ceramic layer onto a ceramic green body comprises immersing the green body in a slip composition. The slip composition contains a powder consisting of alumina, zirconia and a thickening agent.

Dieckmann Thomas: Electromechanical brake operation and activation procedure. Continental, December 31, 1999: FR2780370-A1

The brake operation comprises a command unit (10) that controls the two braking circuits (24,28) that can be activated independently of one another via networks (20). The pressure within these networks is monitored with braking pressure supply altered according to current conditions. An Independent ...

Breuer Peter, Nguyen Van Doan, Lauth Hans Jurgen, Kortge Randolf, Jordan Martin, Seipel Volker, Lausser Christof: Hydraulic advancing unit, eg for use in vehicles. Luk Fahrzeug Hydraulik, December 31, 1999: FR2780452-A1

A hydraulic advancing unit comprises a compressing unit located in a housing, which can be rotated by a drive shaft. The shaft is attached to a rotor in a pump housing. The unit has a suction region and a pressure region. The suction region has a suction connection while the pressure region has a pr ...

Taubitz Bernd: Alignment bar to align contact pins of casing with integrated electronics to make electrical connection between contact pins and associated cables. Bosch Robert, December 31, 1999: FR2780559-A3

The alignment bar has lead-throughs (3) corresponding to the pin positions to accommodate the contact pins and free space (6) on either side of each lead-through for making the connection. Bending elements (8) are mounted on the output side of the lead-throughs next to the free spaces for making con ...

Daumueller Hans, Klaiber Rolf, Rottstadt Olaf, Oschmann Horst, Jung Peter: Headlamp for motor vehicle preventing damage to transfer element or adjustment screw if they become disengaged. Bosch Robert, December 31, 1999: FR2780358-A3

The headlamp has a holder (10) on which at least one reflector (12) is adjustably mounted, an adjuster (18) with an adjustment screw connected to a transfer element linked to the reflector. Turning the screw moves the transfer element axially and adjusts the reflector. The transfer element disengage ...

Osima Tosihiro, Ogawa Yukio, Watanabe Shinichi, Hyakutake Tetsuya, Hakamada Naoki, Matsuda Mikio: Compressor for compressing fluids such as lubricating oils. Denso, December 31, 1999: FR2780453-A1

A compressor (100) for the compression of a fluid in which there is a lubricant. It contains on the inside of its body (111), on its upper surface, an inclined surface (113). This surface inclines towards a lip seal (160). The lubricating oil forms on the upper end (113a) of the inclined surface (11 ...