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A substantially solid biomolecular solder for joining tissue comprising a partially denatured biomolecule (e.g. protein or polypeptide). The solder can be formed into shapes e.g. tubes, to suit. The invention also relates to methods for joining tissue and methods for preparing the solder.

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The present invention relates to new pharmaceutical formulations for aerosols with at least two or more active substances for administration by inhalation or by nasal route. Specifically, the invention relates to pharmaceutical preparations for propellant-driven metered dose aerosols using a fluoroh ...

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One or more highly-oriented, multi-walled carbon nanotubes are grown on an outer surface of a substrate initially disposed with a catalyst film or catalyst nano-dot by plasma enhanced hot filament chemical vapor deposition of a carbon source gas and a catalyst gas at temperatures between 300 °C and ...

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The invention relates to an apparatus for voltage measurement on more than two identical voltage source units (6) having contact-making means (2) for voltage tapping and having an evaluation unit (10) which is connected to the contact-making means, in which case at least a number of contact-making m ...

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A vaso-occlusive device having a bioactive inner coating and a water-soluble outer coating. Methods of preparing the devices are also provided.

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This invention identified two domains of ESX, a member of the ETS transcription regulator family, that provide particularly effective targets useful in screening for ESX modulators. One of these domains, ESX exon 4 is a potent transactivator and can be used in constructs to up-or downregulate genes ...

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The present invention relates to a structure comprising a biological membrane and a porous or perforated substrate, a biological membrane, a substrate, a high throughput screen, methods for production of the structure membrane and substrate, and a method for screening a large number of test compound ...

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The invention relates to a roof unit containing an external roof covering (13) and an inside roof lining (14), and to a floor unit (10) for a horizontally assembled body of a road vehicle such as a passenger car. The floor unit (10) can be substantially pre-assembled with respect to interior fitting ...

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(EN) The present invention relates to a system for the three-dimensional representation of scenes and/or objects from flat tomographic images which are obtained from scaled representation planes in the spatial depth of said scenes and/or objects. To this end, a plurality of adjacent representation e ...

Armstrong Joseph Robert, Vonesh Michael: Enveloppe pouvant etre retiree a distance et support associe, Remotely removable covering and support. Gore Enterprise Holdings, Gore Enterprise Holdings, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON, December 23, 1999: CA2335130 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention creates a thin tubular multiple filament (film or fiber) structure that can hold high internal pressures. When desired, an extension of the filaments can be pulled in any direction to unfurl the structure. This device is useful for self expanding stent or stent graft delivery systems, ...