Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred C Thomas III: Thin retroreflective marker for data storage cartridge. Iomega Corporation, Woodcock Washburn Kurtz Mackiewicz & Norris, November 16, 1999: US05986838 (37 worldwide citation)

A cartridge for a data storage disk drive has a thin retroreflective marker. Light from a source is reflected from the marker almost exactly on its incident path. A planar light shaping optical structure such as a holographic light shaping diffuser (LSD) ruled or blazed diffraction grating, holograp ...

Benjamin Mattes
Benjamin R Mattes, Hsing Lin Wang: Stable, concentrated solutions of high molecular weight polyaniline and articles therefrom. The Regents of the University of California, Samuel M Freund, November 9, 1999: US05981695 (4 worldwide citation)

Stable, concentrated solutions of high molecular weight polyaniline. In order to process high quality fibers and other articles possessing good mechanical properties, it is known that solution concentrations of the chosen polymer should be in the range from 15-30% (w/w). Moreover, it is desirable to ...


Ravi Laxman
Ravi Kumar Laxman, David Allen Roberts, Arthur Kenneth Hochberg: Deposition of silicon dioxide and silicon oxynitride using bis(tertiarybutylamino) silane. Air Products and Chemicals, Geoffrey L Chase, November 2, 1999: US05976991 (46 worldwide citation)

A process for the chemical vapor deposition of silicon dioxide and silicon oxynitride from reactant gases O.sub.2, O.sub.3, N.sub.2 O, NO, NO.sub.2, NH.sub.3 and a silane of the formula: (t-C.sub.4 H.sub.9 NH).sub.2 SiH.sub.2. A process whereby a stack of silicon containing dielectrics ranging from ...

Charles Sperry
Sperry Charles R, Piucci Vincent A Jr: Apparatus and method for producing bags and foam-in-bag cushions. Carpenter Co, Sperry Charles R, Piucci Vincent A Jr, sDEGRANDI Joseph A, November 18, 1999: WO/1999/058324

A bag forming apparatus (100) and method that features a single drive unit (180) for operating both a drive roller (168) and cross-cut mechanism (360) with the drive motor assembly (178) being internalized within the drive roller. The bag forming apparatus is particularly designed for feeding, solel ...

Tammy Balzar
Steven James Nielsen, Tammy Jo Balzar, Yihua Chang: Applicator and coating. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Thomas J Connelly, Thomas M Parker, Douglas G Glantz, November 16, 1999: US05984888 (21 worldwide citation)

An applicator article and method are disclosed for inserting a substance into a body cavity. The applicator article and method are especially useful for inserting a catamenial tampon into a woman's vagina. The applicator article includes a tubular member formed from at least one layer of paper which ...

Parichay Saxena
Brian Bakoglu, Parichay Saxena: Online simultaneous/altering-audio/video/voice data based service and support for computer systems. Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics, Harold T Fujii, Jerry A Miller, November 9, 1999: US05983369 (95 worldwide citation)

An online computer support system uses simultaneous and alternating transfer of different data types including voice, image, video, and other digital information. This allows a customer service representative and a user having a computer problem to communicate more effectively and solve the problem. ...

Ludger Heiliger, Rudiger Herpich, Josef Kasbauer, Friedrich Wilhelm Ullrich: Process for the preparation of aromatic maleimides. Rhein Chemie Rheinau, Joseph C Gil, Noland J Cheung, November 30, 1999: US05994561

Aromatic maleimides can be prepared by reacting corresponding aromatic amines with maleic anhydride in the presence of a solvent mixture of halogenated hydrocarbon and a dipolar aprotic solvent, with the addition of acid and a polymerization inhibitor.

Jackson Cheng: Fishing box. November 30, 1999: US05992086 (9 worldwide citation)

A fishing box has an outer casing, an inner casing disposed in the outer casing, a casket set having a hollow seat disposed on the inner casing receiving a plurality of caskets, a handle disposed on the hollow seat, an air inflation device disposed in the outer casing, an air channel, and a pluralit ...

Carlos Cuilty Siller: Procedure to prepare a solution with capsaicin. Lawrence R Brown, November 30, 1999: US05994407 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention refers to a procedure to prepare a Capsaicin solution in various steps, preferentially three; the first steps consists in the preparation of the solution "A" by mixing 80 milliliters of saline solution, 10 milliliters of polyoxyenthylenesorbitan monooleate and 10 milliliters of ...