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A system and method for authenticating a smart card user (54) at a reader device (64) makes use of an application (58) on a smart card microprocessor (60) on which information fields (56) relating to biometric information for the user and a table of predefined probability of occurrence values for us ...

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The cassette (10) to provide fluids, and especially dialysis fluids, has at least one zone (100,100') for the channels (50,50') for a medium which is heated to a nominal temperature by an external heater. The cassette (10) has a basic body (12) with a covering film (60) at least partially over one o ...

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A liquid supply system comprises a liquid supply container (50) provided with a liquid accomodating portion (53) being deformable by storing liquid in the closed space to be able to generate negative pressure, a liquid supply unit (52) detachably mountable on the liquid supply container to contain t ...

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The exit opening (10) for the plasma is a slot, from which a flat or fan-shaped jet of plasma (11) exits with a laminar flow at its edges (12,12'), so that the plasma reaches the tissue with substantially no mixing with the surrounding air. The instrument (31) includes a gas source (1) for deliverin ...

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A multi-layer optical information recording medium has a first information layer (7) located at the incident side for a laser beam and another information layer (17) at the back thereof. Thus, it has a large capacity. A relationship that R1a R2c holds for the reflectances R1a and R1c of the informat ...

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A decoding apparatus according to the present invention comprises a stream input section (1) for separating an input bit stream into auxiliary information and encoded data, an auxiliary information analyzing section (2) for obtaining at least full channel configuration information by analyzing the a ...

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A needle holder (3) forms a guide casing (7) axially surrounding a needle (4) making connection. This needle is guided during introduction, sliding into the opening of a cylindrical projection (6) of the cannula casing (2), to form a connection into the channel (18, 19).

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Automatic injection unit has a drive section (10) which is decoupled from the piston (K) up to the point of reaching the front position of the housing (B). To advance the piston in the housing, it is coupled with the piston.

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A low-leakage-current layer, made of BST in which the content of Ti deviates from its stoichiometric composition, is interposed between a high-dielectric-constant layer, made of BST with the stoichiometric composition, and an upper electrode. And a charge-storable dielectric film is made up of the h ...

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An interactive and dynamically customizable guided tour of some portion of the World Wide Web monitors and dynamically adapts in response to like-minded users as well as provides recommendations during the traversal. The invention includes features for: electronic commerce; side trips; true visiting ...