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A memory unit capable of storing calibration data attached to a probe portion of a pulse oximeter and a connector portion of an intra-aortic balloon catheter.

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A packaged semiconductor device has bottom surface leads having portions of the package adjacent the lead edges excised. The outer leads may take the form of inverted-J leads, short stub leads, vertically bent leads-in-grooves, or may be entirely eliminated. Lead connections are on the bottom packag ...

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An infuser for infusing a liquid from a reservoir, comprising a durable part (1,2,3) forming a housing and a disposable part (4) containing the liquid reservoir and an energy reservoir for energizing the pumping function. The infuser, further, contains in its disposable part (4) all liquid-contactin ...

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The invention, an electronic book selection and delivery system, is a new way to distribute books and other textual information to bookstores, libraries and consumers. The primary components of the system are a subsystem for placing text in a video signal format and a subsystem for receiving and sel ...

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A reduced area imaging device is provided for use in medical or dental instruments such as an endoscope. In one configuration of the imaging device, the image sensor is placed remote from the remaining circuitry. In another configuration, all of the circuitry to include the image sensor is placed in ...

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This is an implant for placement in the human body and an assembly for so placing that implant. Most desirably, it is an implant for use in the vasculature of the human body and is used to occlude some space in that vasculature as a portion of a treatment regimen. The implant itself is preferably a ...

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Method and apparatus for suturing and ligating anatomical tissue utilizes one or more knotting elements carried by a length of filamentous suture material for tying the suture material to create one or more adjustably tensioned stitches. The knotting elements are carried by the suture material at fi ...

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Control over tactile feedback devices, force-feedback devices, or a combination thereof comprising: processing device (54 and 53), processing device (54); networking means (55) such as an Internet means, television communications, and satellite communications. Tactile output system selects pre-recor ...

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A system (10) for determining an expected time of arrival of a vehicle (40) equipped with a mobile unit (42) includes a dispatch (20) remotely located from the vehicle (40). The dispatch (20) generates destination information for the vehicle (40), the destination information specifying at least one ...

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A method and system for filtering Internet content retrieved from an Internet computer network (110) by a remote Internet Service Provider ("ISP") server (100) and forwarded to a local client computer (10). The method and system matches at least one filtering scheme (121), such as an inclusive or ex ...