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A method of configuring a complex composite product a: from a partial composite product and an enumeration of unsatisfied requirements of the complex composite product, said complex composite product being subject to rules.

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In accordance with a first aspect, a noninvasive apparatus comprises a housing (42) having a grasping region (44), and a noninvasive extraction device (10) to noninvasively extract a sample from a hand of an end user at the grasping region (44). In accordance with a second aspect, a noninvasive appa ...

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Techniques for generating sophisticated representations of the contents of both queries and documents in a retrieval system by using natural language processing (NLP) techniques to represent, index, and retrieve texts at the multiple levels (e.g., the morphological, lexical, syntactic, semantic, dis ...

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A purchase transaction is performed between a client browser and a merchant server over a general access wide area connected network. The transaction appears to the client as singularly identifying a purchasable product or service and singularly confirming the purchase. A persistent predetermined co ...

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A system for on-line user-interactive multimedia based point-of-preview. The system provides for a network web site and accompanying software and hardware for allowing users to access the web site over a network such as the internet via a computer. The user is uniquely identified to the web site ser ...

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For use with a network having server sites capable of being browsed by users based on identifiers received into the server sites and personal to the users, alternative proxy systems for providing substitute identifiers to the server sites that allow the users to browse the server sites anonymously v ...

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A system and method is provided for linking a Rolling Spot Currency contract with a Principle Market Maker program. In one aspect of the invention, the system includes an electronic brokerage and trading network having at least one computer coupled to receive and transmit bids and offers for interna ...

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An apparatus for treatment of a failing heart by reducing the wall tension therein. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a tension member for drawing at least two walls of a heart chamber toward each other. Methods for placing the apparatus on the heart are also provided.

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An application-ready electrophoresis material includes a carrier and a dispersion of microcapsules therein, the microcapsules each containing a plurality of phases therein. At least some of the phases contrast visually and and exhibit differential responsiveness to an electric field, such that appli ...

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The present invention provides a method for keeping a file system in a consistent state and for creating read-only copies of a file system. Changes to the file system are tightly controlled. The file system progresses from one self-consistent state to another self-consistent state. The set of self-c ...