Thomas Alfred, Gomez Benjamin T, Wilson Jr Robert J, Delott Roger A: Bonus game for a gaming machine. Wms Gaming, September 29, 1999: EP0945837-A2 (615 worldwide citation)

A bonus game for a slot machine operable in a basic mode and a bonus mode. The bonus game is entered upon the occurrence of a special start-bonus game outcome in the basic mode. In the bonus game, a player selects, one at a time, from an array of windows each associated with a bonus game outcome. Cr ...

Ebinger Klaus: Magnetometer. Ebinger Klaus, September 29, 1999: EP0945736-A2 (87 worldwide citation)

The magnetometer has two spaced-apart magnetic inductors (2,4) electrically connected in series. The inductor current is supplied from a vibration generator (6). Signals generated in each of the inductors are fed via a smoothing and filter unit (8) to the inputs of a differential amplifier (10). The ...

Andries Koenraad Jozef L M, Corte Bart de, Jonge Marc Rene de, Heeres Jan, Ho Chih Yung, Janssen Marcel August Constant, Janssen Paul Adriaan Jan, Koymans Lucien Maria Henricus, Kukla Michael Joseph, Ludovici Donald William, Aken Koen Jeanne Alfons Van: Hiv inhibiting pyrimidine derivatives. Janssen Pharmaceutica, September 29, 1999: EP0945443-A1 (85 worldwide citation)

This invention concerns the use of the compounds of formula the N-oxides, the pharmaceutically acceptable addition salts and the stereochemically isomeric forms thereof, wherein A is CH, CR or N; n is 0 to 4; Q is hydrogen or -NRR; R and R are selected from hydrogen, hydroxy, C1-12alkyl, C1-12alkylo ...

Jones Andrew Michael: A cache coherency mechanism. Sgs Thomson Microelectronics, September 29, 1999: EP0945805-A1 (57 worldwide citation)

A computer system has a plurality of processors each for executing a sequence of instructions and at least one of the processors having a cache memory associated therewith. A memory provides an address space of that processor where data items are stored for use by all of the processors. A behaviour ...

Mcguiness Colm: Helical stent. Applied Vascular Eng, September 29, 1999: EP0945107-A2 (49 worldwide citation)

An expandable, high scaffold intraluminal stent (20) is provided having a plurality of undulations (28) disposed in a helical geometry about the surface (33) of the stent (20).

Knudsen Liselotte Bjerre, Soerensen Per Olaf, Nielsen Per Franklin: Glp-1 derivatives. Novonordisk, September 29, 1999: EP0944648-A1 (48 worldwide citation)

Derivatives of GLP-1 and analogues thereof having a lipophilic substituent have interesting pharmacological properties, in particular they have a more protracted profile of action than GLP-1(7-37).

Ono Shigeki: Method for producing carbon. Res Inst Innovative Tech Earth, Shimadzu, September 29, 1999: EP0945402-A1 (43 worldwide citation)

The temperature of a catalyst (3) is heated to 535 DEG C with an electric furnace (7) for feeding hydrogen gas into a reaction tube (1) at a flow rate of 50 cc/min. for two hours and reducing the catalyst (3), and thereafter reaction gas containing hydrogen and carbon dioxide in a mixing ratio of 2: ...

Nanishi Yasushi, Kadota Michio: Opto-electronic integrated circuit. Murata Manufacturing Co, September 29, 1999: GB2335792-A (39 worldwide citation)

An optical electronic integrated circuit comprises: a silicon substrate; an electronic circuit formed in the silicon substrate and processing an electric signal; a ZnO film formed on at least portion of the silicon substrate; and an optical circuit electrically connected to the electronic circuit. T ...

Fujioka Yoshihisa, Nozaki Satoshi, Wada Ichiro, Maeno Takashi: Absorbent article for preventing lateral leakage. Uni Charm, September 29, 1999: EP0945110-A2 (38 worldwide citation)

An absorbent article to be worn inside of another absorbent article, which has a liquid-permeable facing layer that faces the wearer, a backing layer that faces another absorbent article, the backing layer formed from a liquid-impermeable sheet and having at least one opening made therein or, altern ...

Takeuchi Naohito, Konishi Takayoshi, Yamada Daisuke: Method of manufacturing a water disintegratable non-woven fabric and the water disintegratable non-woven fabric. Uni Charm, September 29, 1999: EP0945536-A2 (38 worldwide citation)

A water disintegratable non-woven fabric having excellent water disintegratability and high wet strength can be obtained by a step of forming a fiber web from fibers having a fiber length of 10 mm or less, a step of applying a water jet treatment to the fiber web to obtain a fiber sheet having wet s ...

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