Arnold J Greenspon, David K Swanson, Dorin Panescu, Steve S Hsu, James G Whayne: Tissue characterization and treatment using pacing. Thomas Jefferson University, Boston Scientific Corporation, Lyon & Lyon, September 21, 1999: US05954661 (201 worldwide citation)

Heart tissue is characterized by using pacing without inducing ventricular tachycardia (VT). With the tissue characterization, a patient's risk of developing VT can be determined and a slow conduction zone in the patient's heart can be determined. The characterization involves applying pacing signal ...

Ramon J San Andres, Philippe Choquier, Richard G Greenberg, Jean Francois Peyroux: Transaction replication system and method for supporting replicated transaction-based services. Microsoft Corporation, Leydig Voit & Mayer, September 21, 1999: US05956489 (200 worldwide citation)

A generic transaction replication service receives update transactions from individual application servers, and forwards the update transactions for processing to all application servers that run the same service application, thereby enabling each application server to maintain a replicated copy of ...

Paul Shen, Efraim Arazi, Edward A Krause, Adam S Tom: Method and apparatus for modifying encoded digital video for improved channel utilization. Imedia Corporation, McCutchen Doyle Brown & Enersen, September 21, 1999: US05956088 (200 worldwide citation)

A method for increasing channel utilization for a data channel transmitting a multiplex of a set of one or more encoded program streams, each program stream in being decodeable by a corresponding decoder, each corresponding decoder including a corresponding decoder buffer, the decoder buffers having ...

Vlasta Brusic Kaufman, Rodney C Kistler: Chemical mechanical polishing slurry useful for copper substrates. Cabot Corporation, September 21, 1999: US05954997 (196 worldwide citation)

A chemical mechanical polishing slurry comprising a film forming agent, an oxidizer, a complexing agent and an abrasive, and a method for using the chemical mechanical polishing slurry to remove copper alloy, titanium, and titanium nitride containing layers from a substrate.

Bjorn Melen, Mika Hyvonen: Billing in the internet. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis L, September 21, 1999: US05956391 (195 worldwide citation)

A terminal (1, 2) connected to the public telephone network PSTN has access to the Internet-connecting node by dialling a service number. In the access node the server gives the terminal a temporary IP-address and sets up the connection to the area network (15) or to the worldwide Internet (11) offe ...

Bruce Schneier, John Kelsey: Digital signature with auditing bits. Joseph Skadden Arps Yang, September 21, 1999: US05956404 (195 worldwide citation)

A method for digitally signing a message by a tamper-resistant device to generate a digital signature. The method includes the step of hashing the message to form message bits; and encrypting with a private key the message bits, redundancy bits for the security of the signature, and auditing bits to ...

Michael Robert Hanson, John Lilly: Object-oriented editor for creating world wide web documents. Apple Computer, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, September 21, 1999: US05956736 (195 worldwide citation)

An object-oriented HTML based editor for creating Web documents to be published on the World Wide Web. Each HTML command is treated as a unique object having associated properties. A user using an input device, such as a mouse, clicks and drags representations of objects representing HTML commands f ...

Chung Wen Ma, Chun Hung Lin, Tai Yao Lee, Li Jen Lee, Ju Xu Lee, Ting Chung Hu: Method and system for managing a flash memory mass storage system. Macronix International, Mark A Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Haynes, September 21, 1999: US05956473 (194 worldwide citation)

The present application discloses methods to provide defect management, wear leveling and data security to a mass storage system implemented using flash memory. The flash memory is organized into a plurality of blocks. Each block has a special region for storing its attributes. In defect management, ...

Harry J Tiffany III: Method of making smart cards. CardXX, Dorr Carson Sloan & Birney P C, September 21, 1999: US05955021 (188 worldwide citation)

Smart cards having high quality external surfaces can be made through use of partially cured, low shrinkage glues to hold the smart card's electronic elements during their immersion in a thermosetting material that becomes the core layer of said cards.

Todd Weston Arnold: Apparatus and method for secure distribution of data. International Business Machines Corporation, K O Hesse, September 21, 1999: US05956408 (186 worldwide citation)

Data, including a program and software updates, is encrypted by a public key encryption system using the private key of the data sender. The data is also digitally signed by the sender. The receiver decrypts the encrypted data, using the public key of the sender, and verifies the digital signature o ...

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