Liljevik Tord: Mounting bracket. Allgon, Liljevik Tord, EHRNER PO Box 103 16S 100 55 Stockholm, September 10, 1999: WO/1999/045310 (42 worldwide citation)

A mounting bracket useful for securing a base, like an antenna to a pole (15), a tube or a post, or a similar anchoring support, and comprising a first clamp part, being a base clamp (1), adapted to be secured to the base (the antenna) adapted to be locked against the pole (15), and a second clamp p ...

Moreno Pierre Ange: Systeme pour losteosynthese du rachis avec ligament. Dimso, September 10, 1999: FR2775583-A1 (30 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a vertebral osteosynthesis system comprising at least a member to be anchored (2) to a vertebra, an element linking (23) the member to another anchoring member (3), and a screw (16) for co-operating with the anchoring member (2) to clamp the linking element (23) on the anchori ...

Knudson Edward B, Ellis Michael D, Knee Robert A, Carpenter Kenneth F Jr: Systeme de guides de programmes comportant des publicites ciblees, Program guide system with targeted advertising. United Video Properties, United Video Properties, SMART & BIGGAR, September 10, 1999: CA2322217 (25 worldwide citation)

An interactive television program guide system is provided in which targeted advertisements may be presented to a user and targeted actions taken in the program guide based on the user's interests. The program guide monitors the user's interactions with the program guide to determine the user's inte ...

Razian Hassan: Adjustable damping spinal disc insert. Razian Hassan, September 10, 1999: FR2775587-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

The spinal disc insert (1) fits between the vertebrae and allows different vertebral angular orientations. It has a posterior fixing with anchor screws (3) carrying longitudinal rods (2) via clamps (4).

Tornier Alain: Implant acetabulaire ou cotyloidien modulaire. Tornier, September 10, 1999: FR2775586-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns an acetabular or cotyloid implant (1) comprising a metallic cotyle (2) housing in an internal cavity (3) a plastic insert (4), said cotyle comprising on its outer surface (13) grooves (14) starting from its peripheral edge (6) towards its pole (15) for fixing various independe ...

Richard Anne: Stick holder cup and package for a make-up product comprising such a cup. Oreal, September 10, 1999: FR2775566-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

The stick (70), especially of a cosmetic product, fits into a socket with a base (54) and a side wall (56) which is divided into a series of flexible sections (60) with inward facing fins (58). Both the flexible sections and the fins taper in width from the base upwards, and their upper ends are poi ...

Villette Jean Claude, Berret Laurent: Clamping collar for motor vehicle exhaust pipes. September 10, 1999: FR2775753-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

The clamping collar (5) comprises a ring (5a) with ends (6,7) provided with clamping elements (8,10). There is a hinge portion (9) formed in a zone located diametrically opposite the ends for opening and closing the ring around the ends of pipes put into contact. The ring is obtained by stamping to ...

De La Poterie Valerie: Composition filmogene comprenant un polyurethane en dispersion aqueuse et un agent plastifiant. Oreal, September 10, 1999: FR2775593-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

L'invention a pour objet une composition filmogène comprenant au moins une dispersion aqueuse de particules de polyuréthane et au moins un agent plastifiant choisi parmi les solvants présentant un paramètre moyen de solubilité dH de HANSEN à 25degreC tel que dH

Czernichowski Albin, Czernichowski Piotr: Apparatus for producing non equilibrium electric discharges useful for purification, destruction or chemical conversion or metal surface treatment. Physiques Et Chimiques, September 10, 1999: FR2775864-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for producing non equilibrium electric discharges generates one or more discharges between two or more electrodes, at least one of which is moving so as to rapidly stretch the discharges, to put them out of thermal equilibrium and to contact them with stream of material to produce specific ...

Roussel Gilles, Hoeft Benoit: Nouveau produit en papier absorbant comprenant trois plis et son procede de fabrication. Fort James France, September 10, 1999: FR2775698-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns an absorbent paper product with basic weight of about 36 to about 105 g/m comprising at least three pleats, a first and second outer embossed pleats each comprising raised patterns consisting at least partially of discrete protuberances oriented towards the inside of the struc ...

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