Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry: Apparatus and method for producing foam cushions utilizing flexible foam mixing chamber. Flexible Products Company, zhang zhaodong, August 18, 1999: CN97196799

A protective foam cushion-making apparatus (50) dispenses reactive foam components (110, 111) into an interior space between two panels (70, 71) of plastic film to form protective foam cushions (62). The apparatus includes a supply of plastic film (78) and a film driving assembly (85), such as two p ...

Ogawa Toshio, Takahashi Masaaki, Gouda Masahiro, Kamimura Noritaka, Suzuki Kazuhiro, Saeki Junichi, Yamada Kazuji, Ishii Makoto, Tamba Akihiro: Resin-moulded semiconductor hybrid module and manufacturing method thereof. Hitachi, August 18, 1999: EP0936671-A1 (154 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device includes a main circuit part having a semiconductor device formed on an electrode plate (13) of a lead frame and a control circuit part having protective functions, which is integrally molded by a resin mold part (30) into an integral mold structure.

Shimizu Yoshinori, Sakano Kensho, Noguchi Yasunobu, Moriguchi Toshio: Light emitting device and display device. Nichia Kagaku Kogyo, August 18, 1999: EP0936682-A1 (151 worldwide citation)

The white light emitting diode comprising a light emitting component using a semiconductor as a light emitting layer and a phosphor which absorbs a part of light emitted by the light emitting component and emits light of wavelength different from that of the absorbed light, wherein the light emittin ...

Buswell John S, Stacey Lorraine Michelle, Brown Philip John: Integrated wireless telecommunication and local area network system. Lucent Technologies, August 18, 1999: EP0936777-A1 (93 worldwide citation)

The invention includes a network system and method and apparatus for integrating wireless LAN and mobile telecommunications system. A network proxy and a terminal proxy are provided to allow a terminal (10) to connect to a network (1) and use any one of a number of connection interfaces. The proxies ...

Benson Glen: Virtual smart card. Siemens Nixdorf Inf Syst, August 18, 1999: EP0936530-A1 (70 worldwide citation)

Smart card technology is in the process of emerging as a fundamental advance in computer security. A Virtual Smart Card emulates a real smart card by providing an identical interface and services. However, a Virtual Smart Card has no physical manifestation any smart card-aware application can seamle ...

Laakso Janne, Jantti Riku, Rinne Mika: Power control method for a cdma system. Nokia Mobile Phones, August 18, 1999: EP0936753-A2 (64 worldwide citation)

In connection with the determination of the transmit power of a beginning transmission there is also determined, in the method according to the invention, suitable output powers for other transmissions, so that the entity formed by all controlled transmissions is as close to the optimum as possible ...

Eshel Uzi, Lazarovitz Jakob: Urethral catheter and guide. Argomed, August 18, 1999: EP0935977-A2 (59 worldwide citation)

An indwelling catheter (10) for insertion into a patient's urinary tract is provided and includes (a) a first tubular member (12) having a distal end (14) and a proximal end (16); (b) a second tubular member (18) having a length, a distal end (20) and a proximal end (22), the first and second tubula ...

Okada Yoshiyuki: Broadcast video image recording apparatus. Fujitsu, August 18, 1999: EP0936811-A2 (56 worldwide citation)

A broadcast video image recording apparatus for recording broadcast video image data has a first storage unit (2) such as a hard disk for storing broadcast video image data, a second storage unit (3) such as an optical disk for storing video image data to be played back, and a control unit (4) for s ...

Brisse Konrad: Radio communications device with emergency services. Nokia Mobile Phones, August 18, 1999: EP0936794-A2 (49 worldwide citation)

According to the present invention a radio communication device is described. The device is operated by means of a user interface and can be advantageously fixed in the car. The device is able to carry out emergency relevant services on activation and the user interface of the mobile telephone chang ...

Maillard Michael, Benardeau Christian: Method and apparatus for recording of encrypted digital data. Canal Plus, August 18, 1999: EP0936812-A1 (48 worldwide citation)

A method of recording transmitted digital data in which transmitted digital information CW 96 is encrypted 97 using a recording encryption key E(NE) 98 and the resulting encrypted ECM message 99 stored on recording support medium. An equivalent of the recording encryption key E(NE) 100 is further en ...