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A device for playing a bingo-style game including an input device for receiving user inputs; a display for displaying a graphic user interface (GUI); and a processor. The GUI includes a five column by five row random number display matrix; five display regions; and a plurality of user-actuatable ico ...

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An electrical connector is disclosed which provides connection of sensors to monitors. The connector is designed to be low-profile, permit ease of attachment and disconnection, and maintain a strong connection to prevent accidental disconnects.

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A menu driven reprogrammable drug pump is provided with a memory, such as flash memory, a display, a keyboard, and a communications port to allow a generic pump to be programmed with a desired pump application (therapy) program and patient specific settings. Programming and data transfer with anothe ...

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A visual prosthesis comprises a camera for perceiving a visual image and generating a visual signal output, retinal tissue stimulation circuitry adapted to be operatively attached to the user's retina, and wireless communication circuitry for transmitting the visual signal output to the retinal tiss ...

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A method for organizing a flash memory in which the size of the memory portion for reading or writing data, such as a block, differs from the size of the smallest portion for erasing, such as a unit. The method of the present invention is particularly useful for page-mode devices exemplified by the ...

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An apparatus and method are described for a radio frequency document control system that enables the location of documents, such as office files, to be automatically and rapidly identified. A host transceiver, controlled via a PC, transmits a coded RF signal, at a first frequency, to individually ad ...

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An infrared, heat-sensing catheter particularly useful for identifying potentially fatal arterial plaques in patients with disease of the coronary or other arteries and its use are detailed. In one embodiment, an infrared fiberoptic system (with or without ultrasound) is employed at the tip of the c ...

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An Internet advertising system has a database, a controller, and an ad server operating as part of a web server. The database has advertising campaign information, including identification information and frequency information for how often the ad is to be served. The ad server uses the campaign inf ...

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A surgical instrument for cauterization having a handle, shaft portion, and a tool. The tool is fixed to a shaft portion comprising a tube and an actuating member coaxial with the tube and adapted to be moved relative to the tube. The tool includes a generally tubular body adapted to be mounted on t ...

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A subsystem prevents unauthorized replacement of boot-up firmware (e.g., BIOS) embedded in modifiable non-volatile memory devices such as flash memory. The firmware device is contained in a secure boot device which is responsive to the host processor. The security protection is established by the en ...