Olivier Avaro
Marie Dudon, Olivier Avaro, Gerard Eude: Method for interpolating images. France Telecom, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, August 3, 1999: US05933547 (15 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a method for interpolating images by means of triangulation and geometrical transformation, wherein a triangulation of images and an estimation of movements of apexes is carried out to insert images sub-sampled temporally or steroscopically.

Paul D Angles, Douglas O Blattner: System and method for delivering customized advertisements within interactive communication systems. Paul D Angles, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, August 3, 1999: US05933811 (1164 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a system and method for delivering customized electronic advertisements in an interactive communication system. The customized advertisements are selected based on consumer profiles and are then integrated with offerings maintained by different content providers. The preferr ...

Paul B Schneck, Marshall D Abrams: System for controlling access and distribution of digital property. MRJ, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, August 3, 1999: US05933498 (854 worldwide citation)

A method and device are provided for controlling access to data. Portions of the data are protected and rules concerning access rights to the data are determined. Access to the protected portions of the data is prevented, other than in a non-useable form; and users are provided access to the data on ...

Stephen J Brown: Network media access control system for encouraging patient compliance with a treatment plan. Health Hero Network, Lumen Intellectual Property Services, August 3, 1999: US05933136 (797 worldwide citation)

A system and method for controlling patient access to an entertainment program to encourage a patient to comply with a treatment plan. The method includes the step of collecting compliance data from the patient. In one embodiment, the compliance data includes measurements of a physiological conditio ...

Lisa Braden Harder, Simon H Corston, William B Dolan, Lucy H Vanderwende: Apparatus and methods for an information retrieval system that employs natural language processing of search results to improve overall precision. Microsoft Corporation, Peter L Michaelson, Michaelson & Wallace, August 3, 1999: US05933822 (596 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and accompanying methods for an information retrieval system that utilizes natural language processing to process results retrieved by, for example, an information retrieval engine such as a conventional statistical-based search engine, in order to improve overall precision. Specifically, ...

J Milton Harris, Francesco Maria Veronese, Paolo Caliceti, Oddone Schiavon: Multiarmed, monofunctional, polymer for coupling to molecules and surfaces. Shearwater Polymers, Bell Seltzer Intellectual Property Law Group of Alston & Bird, August 3, 1999: US05932462 (535 worldwide citation)

Multi-armed, monofunctional, and hydrolytically stable polymers are described having the structure ##STR1## wherein Z is a moiety that can be activated for attachment to biologically active molecules such as proteins and wherein P and Q represent linkage fragments that join polymer arms poly.sub.a a ...

Robert T Durst, Kevin Hunter: Automatic access of electronic information through secure machine-readable codes on printed documents. NeoMedia Technologies, Anthony R Barkume P C, August 3, 1999: US05933829 (503 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a secure system and method for providing automated access to electronic information stored in a database in either a local or remote location. The system utilizes a machine-readable code printed on a document, referred to herein as an intelligent document since it stores inf ...

Rainer Alex, Paul Hadvary, Hansjorg Tschirky: Dermally affixed injection device. Hoffmann La Roche, George W Johnston, William H Epstein, John P Parise, August 3, 1999: US05931814 (471 worldwide citation)

An improved injection device has a casing containing an active substance reservoir, a cannula communicating with the reservoir, a device for inserting the cannula, and pump means for discharging the reservoir contents through the cannula. The cannula 11 is fixed relative to the casing and projects b ...

John R Bittner, Peter Lau, David H Ruder, W G Bowser: Surgical cutting instrument with improved cutting edge. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Louis J Capezzuto, August 3, 1999: US05931847 (430 worldwide citation)

A surgical tissue fastening device for fastening and transecting tissue includes a handle having a cartridge assembly connected the handle. The cartridge assembly includes a cartridge containing a plurality of surgical fasteners. An anvil assembly is connected to the handle and includes an anvil sur ...

Siavash Alamouti, Eduardo F Casas, Michael Hirano, Elliott Hoole, Mary Jesse, David G Michelson, Patrick Poon, Gregory J Veintimilla, Hongliang Zhang: Method for frequency division duplex communications. AT&T Wireless Services, August 3, 1999: US05933421 (424 worldwide citation)

The high quality PCS communications are enabled in environments where adjacent PCS service bands operate with out-of-band harmonics that would otherwise interfere with the system's operation. The highly bandwidth-efficient communications method combines a form of time division duplex (TDD), frequenc ...