Brian Goodall
Kiryll Lvovich Makovetsky, Eugeny Shmerovich Finkelshtein, Viktor Ivanovich Bykov, Andrey Khristoforovich Bagdasaryan, Brian Leslie Goodall, Larry Funderburk Rhodes: Method for preparation of copolymers of ethylene/norbornene-type monomers with nickel catalysts. The B F Goodrich Co, A V Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, Nestor W Shust, July 27, 1999: US05929181 (17 worldwide citation)

A method of preparing amorphous copolymers of ethylene and at least one norbornene (NB)-type comonomer is disclosed. These polymers may be random or alternating depending on the choice of catalyst and/or the relative ratio of the monomers used. This method comprises polymerizing said monomers in a d ...

Alvin Lavoie
Ann Robertson Hermes, Alvin Charles Lavoie, Donald Craig Schall: Quick-drying aqueous coating compositions. Rohm and Haas Company, Hsiang ning Sun, July 13, 1999: US05922398 (29 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are aqueous coating compositions containing a latex having pendant amine-functional groups, wherein such latex has a Tg greater than about 0 .degree. C. and is capable of film formation at application temperatures, and an amount of base sufficient to raise the pH of the composition to a po ...

Charles Mao
Xiaoping Charles Mao: Power equalizer in a multiple wavelength bidirectional lightwave amplifier. MCI Communications Corporation, July 20, 1999: US05926590 (18 worldwide citation)

A system and method for optimizing the performance, in a multichannel optical transmission system, of an optical signal regenerator, by compensating for input signal power fluctuation and for output signal gain change, and by mildly filtering individual wavelengths between gain block stages. A syste ...

Kees Schouhamer Immink
Kornelis A Schouhamer Immink: Record carrier containing a signal having a sequence of successive information signal portions. U S Philips Corporation, Edward Blocker, July 6, 1999: US05920272 (12 worldwide citation)

A series of m-bit information words is converted to a modulated signal. For each information word from the series, an n-bit code word is delivered. The delivered code words are converted to the modulated signal. The code words are distributed over at least one group of a first type and at least one ...

Kim Jin Hak: Electronically controlled type manufacturing machine of covering yarn. Kim Jin Hak, July 31, 1999: KR1019970057060

PURPOSE: Provided is an electronically controlled type manufacturing machine of a covering yarn which is characterized by reducing working hours and reducing labor cost because of not exchanging a gear, not exchanging a pulley because of inverter controlled type, maintaining an identical value of tw ...

Park Yeong Hwa: Wind vane for advertisement and public information. Park Yeong Hwa, July 31, 1999: KR1019970046326

PURPOSE: A wind vane for advertisement and public information is provided to reduce the cost of advertisement equipment and the consumption of electric power, and to facilitate the installation thereof. CONSTITUTION: A wind vane for advertisement and public information comprises an upper and lower d ...

Kim Yun Cheol: Method for producing midsole of shoes which process is simple. Sun Tech, July 31, 1999: KR1019970045995

PURPOSE: A method for producing a midsole of shoes which process is simple is provided, which can produce the same economically and in a high yield by making EVA resin semi-finished products by using injection machine CONSTITUTION: The method for producing a midsole of shoes which process is simple ...

Lee Su Wan: Performance tester of package utility for cleaner. Samsungkwangju Electronics, July 31, 1999: KR1019970027800

PURPOSE: A performance tester of package utility for cleaner is provided to improve the efficiency of a work by removing the necessity to separate a power plug from an outlet in testing operational states and various performance of the cleaner. CONSTITUTION: The device comprises an assemble set supp ...

Lee Han Heung, Lee Han Jung, Lee Jin Ju, Lee Sang Geun, Lee Sang Hyeop: Holder for preventing ski from being stolen. Lee Han Jung, July 31, 1999: KR1019970015754

PURPOSE: Holder is provided, which enables ski plate and pole to be carried easily so that it prevents ski from being stolen in moving at short distance. CONSTITUTION: The holder to prevent ski from being stolen comprises the parts of: a lower holder(20) wherein a plate reception part(22) to fix the ...

In Hui Jin, Kim Byeong Hwan, Lee Ui Sin, Park Chil Rim, Park Gi Ho: Semi-dry type bag filter apparatus and treating process thereof. Daewoo, July 31, 1999: KR1019970008388

PURPOSE: A semi-dry type bag filter apparatus and a treating process thereof are provided to prevent gas treated from being diluted and decrease costs of installation and power by recirculating some of exhaust gas treated not using external air. CONSTITUTION: The semi-dry type bag filter apparatus c ...