Bezos Jeffrey P, Kaphan Shel: Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network. Amazon Com, July 7, 1999: EP0927945-A2 (116 worldwide citation)

A method and system for placing an order to purchase an item via the Internet. The order is placed by a purchaser at a client system and received by a server system. The server system receives purchaser information including identification of the purchaser, payment information, and shipment informat ...

Jernstroem Clas: Back support structure for a seat. Volvo, July 7, 1999: EP0926969-A1 (66 worldwide citation)

Seat back supports are disclosed including a seat frame, a deformable support surface mounted on the seat frame comprising juxtaposed strips pivotally mounted with respect to each other, and plates for maintaining the deformable support surface in a predetermined orientation, the plates being movabl ...

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A digital signal processing system has a microprocessor unit 2 operating under control of microprocessor program instruction words which controls data transfer to and from a data storage device 8 and the supply and fetching of data to and from a digital signal processing unit 4.

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This invention provides a data access control apparatus arranged to automatically set access right information limiting data access, in accordance with a user attribute when a user accesses a database. In setting, for a plurality of users, access right information corresponding to each user, the loa ...

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An ink-jet recording device is provided with a subtank (20) having a simple structure independent of the degree of flexibility of an ink reservoir (12). A subtank (20) comprising a flexible ink bag (50) provided with an ink inlet (51) on one side and an ink outlet (52) on the other side is connected ...

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A method and an apparatus for fabrication of a specimen including a specific infinitesimal area of a specimen substrate such as a semiconductor wafer or a semiconductor device chip are disclosed. Extracted and separated from the specimen substrate by irradiation of an ion beam, the specimen is used ...

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The transmission of control information from a base station to at least one mobile station in the cell of a cellular radio system takes place using a first channel and a second channel. At a first moment of time, there is an indication on the first channel about the location of the piece of control ...

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The present invention provides for satellite-based remote monitoring of equipment under test (62) to perform predictive assessment from a central diagnostic site which houses a central diagnostic station (51). The satellite-based remote diagnostic system (50) monitors several machines at various geo ...

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A system and method for postage metering provides a plurality of client modules (20) on a network (10). A local postage security device (40) (PSD) is coupled to a first one of the client modules (20) and a remote PSD (40) is coupled to a second one of the client modules (20). The local and remote PS ...

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An acetabular prosthesis has a shell component that is implantable within bone and a liner component that is matable to the shell. The shell has a generally convex bone engaging outer surface and a generally concave inner surface. A groove is formed in the inner surface of the shell and extends abou ...