Keith Wayne Goossen: Double-cavity micromechanical optical modulator with plural multilayer mirrors. Lucent Technologies, June 22, 1999: US05914804 (190 worldwide citation)

A mechanical modulator is provided that includes a conductive substrate and at least three multilayer mirrors disposed on the substrate. The mirrors are spaced apart from one another to define upper and lower optical cavities. The upper cavity is formed by an airgap having a variable thickness. The ...

Robert Bernstein: Automatic portable account controller for remotely arranging for transfer of value to a recipient. Welsh & Katz, June 22, 1999: US05915023 (189 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method of transferring a value from a transferor to a transferee in a transaction executed through a public service telephone network. The method includes the step of exchanging essential information between the transferor and transferee through a connection established through the ...

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Ceramic structural body having improved material properties of a sealing member, such as adhesion properties at room temperature and high temperature, and having an improved durability. The ceramic structural body comprises an assembly of plural united ceramic members each having a plurality of thro ...

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A system and method for content-based search and retrieval of visual objects. A base visual information retrieval (VIR) engine utilizes a set of universal primitives to operate on the visual objects. An extensible VIR engine allows custom, modular primitives to be defined and registered. A custom pr ...

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The system of the present invention allows a customer to access a company computer system via a data network and to request contact with a customer service representative. The company computer system automatically selects a customer service center and a customer service representative in accordance ...

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A wireless system includes one or more transmitters and one or more remote receivers that are respectively coupled through one or more users and room ground. The transmitters each produce low-frequency, low power signals that, through capacitive coupling, pass as displacement currents into and from ...

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Polyesteramides having amino acid-derived groups alternating with hydroxy acid-derived groups are useful in making shaped articles, particularly, shaped articles suitable for use as surgical devices.

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retrograde delivery catheter includes at its distal end a balloon configured to occlude the coronary sinus of a patient's heart, and has a length and flexibility which allow the distal end to be positioned in the coronary sinus with the proximal end extending transluminally to a peripheral vein such ...

David R Pirkle: Methods for filling trenches in a semiconductor wafer. Lam Research Corporation, Beyer & Weaver, June 22, 1999: US05915190 (169 worldwide citation)

A method for filling a trench in a semiconductor wafer that is disposed in a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition chamber. The method includes the step of depositing a protection layer of silicon dioxide over the wafer and into the trench while the wafer is biased at a first RF bias level. The ...

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A compact size, portable audio/display electronic apparatus having a compact mass memory with the capability of entry of user originated inquirable and inquisitorial input relative to currently displayed information and the random access capability relative to the compact mass memory in retrieving d ...