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A Three-Dimensional Structure (3DS) Memory allows for physical separation of the memory circuits and the control logic circuit onto different layers such that each layer may be separately optimized. One control logic circuit suffices for several memory circuits, reducing cost. Fabrication of 3DS mem ...

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A system and method provides universal access to voice-based documents containing information formatted using MIME and HTML standards using customized extensions for voice information access and navigation. These voice documents are linked using HTML hyper-links that are accessible to subscribers us ...

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The present invention provides systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection. Electronic appliances such as computers equipped in accordance with the present invention help to ensure that information is accessed and used only in authorized ways, and maintain ...

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An interactive contact and simulation game apparatus in which a player and a three dimensional computer generated image interact in simulated physical contact. Alternately two players may interact through the apparatus of the invention. The game apparatus includes a computerized control means genera ...

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Disclosed is a method and associated apparatus for monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of psychological and/or emotional conditions in human patients with the aid of a micro-processor-based video game.

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A system and method for allowing a parent to control the use of an ancillary credit or debit transaction card which is issued to a child. A central computer communicates with an issuer computer having a data base containing account information and spending limits for the transaction card and the par ...

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Digital watermarking of data, including image, video and audio data, is performed by repeatedly inserting the watermark into subregions or subimages of the data. Similarly, the watermark is repeatedly extracted from the subregions of the data.

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An implantable sensor comprising a biocompatible electroconductive case which houses a measuring electrode, a reference electrode, an auxiliary electrode, and an electronic circuit for measuring the response of the measuring electrode where the measuring electrode, reference electrode and auxiliary ...

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An arrangement (apparatus and method) for enabling subscribers to use an advanced intelligent network (AIN) services to use existing customer premises equipment to remotely provision their services. Subscribers use existing customer premises equipment, such as personal computers, to locally generate ...

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Methods and apparatus are provided for locating the position, preferably in three dimensions, of a sensor by generating magnetic fields which are detected at the sensor. The magnetic fields are generated from a plurality of locations and, in one embodiment of the invention, enable both the orientati ...