Granger Andre: Impact driver for surgical bone implants. Eos Medical, June 4, 1999: FR2771621-A1 (42 worldwide citation)

The driver (1) has a stepped (30,31) rod (3) with an internal bore. A slotted (41) outer sleeve (4) contains a cylindrical mass (22) with a diameter less than that of the tube bore and a diametrical hole to receive a suture.

Granger Maurice: Appareil distributeur de papier dessuyage. Granger Maurice, June 4, 1999: FR2771620-A1 (34 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a wiping paper dispenser to be used for hand towels, toilet paper, wiping and cleaning in general, characterised in that it comprises carrying means consisting of a gantry (15) tilting relative to the housing and receiving an idle roller (16) in contact with the reel of materi ...

Cancel Richard, Wallace Richard, Sassi Gerard: Dispositif pour la mise en place dune prothese dans le traitement des hernies de laine par voie coelioscopique. Cancel Richard, June 4, 1999: FR2771622-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a device for fixing a prosthesis in the treatment of groin hernias by celioscopy, comprising an introducer consisting essentially of a cylindrical tube (1) capable of containing the prosthesis and a piston (2) for injecting the prosthesis at the desired site, from the tube and ...

Joly Jean Pierre, Nicolas Gerard, Bruel Michel: Procede de transfert selectif dune microstructure, formee sur un substrat initial, vers un substrat final. Commissariat Energie Atomique, June 4, 1999: FR2771852-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

Procédé de transfert d'une microstructure (12) d'un substrat (10) initial, vers un substrat (32) final. Le procédé comprend les étapes successives suivantes : - solidarisation du substrat initial (10) avec un substrat intermédiaire (24), la microstructure étant tournée vers le substrat intermédiaire ...

Stoltz Corinne: Cosmetic compositions containing n-acyl amino acid and 1,2-diol. Seppic, June 4, 1999: FR2771632-A1 (17 worldwide citation)

Compositions comprising N-acyl amino acids of formula RCO-(NH-CHR1-CO)m-OH (I) and diols of formula R2-CHOH-CH2OH (II) are new. R = 3-30C fatty acid chain; R1 = an amino acid side chain; m = 1-5; and R2 = a 6-16C aliphatic group. (I) has R = 6-11C alkyl or alkenyl; R1 = H, Me, CH2CH2COOH or CH2COOH; ...

Terranova Eric, Fadli Aziz, Lagrange Alain: Oxidation hair dye compositions. Oreal, June 4, 1999: FR2771631-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

Composition for oxidation dyeing of keratinic fibres contains at least one oxidation dye precursor selected from 3-amino-pyrazolo1,5-apyrimidines of formula (I) and their salts: R1-R4 = H, halogen, 1-4C alkyl, 1-4C trifluoroalkyl, 1-4C alkoxy, aryl, 1-4C monohydroxyalkyl, 2-4C polyhydroxyalkyl, (1-4 ...

Porte Alain: Dispositif douverture commun a deux capots adjacents de nacelle de moteur davion. Aerospatiale, June 4, 1999: FR2771710-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a device which consists in a single actuator (35) which is operated for opening successively two cowls (4 and 5) of an aircraft engine bay which are adjacent forming two hinges (40 and 47).

De Larminat Alain, Barbier Fabrice: Two-part mobile telephone handset with hinge. Philips Electronics, June 4, 1999: FR2771769-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The hinge has a cam which controls the alignment of the telephone flap. The hinge provides a connection between the two parts of a mobile phone, holding them in stable relative positions. In the closed position, a flap protects the keypad, whilst in the open position, it gives access to the keys. Th ...

Schlee Serge: Container e.g. in shape of tumbler. Schlee Serge, June 4, 1999: FR2771720-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

A container (1) is e.g. in the shape of a tumbler filled with a liquid (11), and is covered by a clip-on lid (2) which has a capsule (5) attached to its underside and holding a product (7) to be mixed with the liquid. The container (1) is e.g. in the shape of a tumbler filled with a liquid (11), and ...

Graucaut Alain Lucien, Bougherdani Monoud: Lamp with electroluminescent diodes. Systemes Et D Audio Frequences, June 4, 1999: FR2771888-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The lamp is designed to radiate light emitted by a series of electroluminescent diodes (24a - 24h) mounted on a support (16) and enclosed by a protective and diffusing cover (18). The cover has two layers (30, 32) which are partially spherical and transparent, and are mounted on the support. The lay ...