Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Thomas Fred C Iii, Bar Refael, Watson Brent, Hall David L, Schwartz James H, Alfonsi Daniel: Digital appliance data download device for data storage. Iomega Corporation, sKURTZ Richard E, May 20, 1999: WO/1999/024907

A portable data download device that downloads digital data from a digital appliance, such as digital image data from a digital camera, into a data storage medium, without the use of a personal computer. In other words, a data download device connects to and queries a digital appliance, such as a di ...

Robert Senzig
Jiang Hsieh, Stephen W Metz, Girish Saligram, Guy M Besson, Hui Hu, Sandeep Dutta, Robert F Senzig, Min Xie: Image reconstruction in a CT fluoroscopy system. General Electric Company, John S Beulick, Christian G Cabou, Phyllis Y Price, May 25, 1999: US05907593 (35 worldwide citation)

A CT Fluoro system having an architecture and algorithms which facilitate increasing the frame rate and providing acceptable image quality is described. Generally, and in one embodiment, the system includes apparatus and algorithms that speed-up image reconstruction and reduce image artifacts that m ...

Ravi Laxman
Ravi Kumar Laxman: Purification of organosilanes of group 13 (IIIA) and 15 (VA) impurities. Air Products and Chemicals, Geoffrey L Chase, May 11, 1999: US05902893 (2 worldwide citation)

A process for removal of Group 13 and/or 15 elements from an organosilane containing Group 13 and/or 15 elements as contaminants comprising contacting the organosilane with a reagent substantially soluble in the organosilane and capable of forming a complex with the Group 13 and/or Group 15 element ...

Jim Fuerholzer
James J Fuerholzer, Alejandro Zimin Sr, Peter A Caputo, James J Baluyut: Tagging of waterborne compositions with oil-soluble markers. Morton International, Wayne E Nacker, Gerald K White, May 11, 1999: US05902750 (2 worldwide citation)

A water-immiscible marker is dissolved in polyethylene glycol or other suitable carrier, and the marker so dissolved is added to a waterborne composition which is used as an additive to a waterborne or water processable composition. Subsequently, the marker is either extracted with a non-polar solve ...

Kang Tae Yeong: Door striker assembling body for vehicle. Daewoo Motor, May 31, 1999: KR1019970055261

PURPOSE: A door striker assembling body for a vehicle is provided to prevent the interference between a striker assembling body and a door inner panel resulting from a rear collision and to make the door opening possible, so that a quick escape is possible after the accident. CONSTITUTION: A door st ...

Park Geun Sang: Console box for vehicles. Daewoo Motor, May 31, 1999: KR1019970055257

PURPOSE: A console box for vehicles is provided to storage more articles by having additionally an auxiliary receiving space. CONSTITUTION: A receiving space(2) keeping articles is selectively opened by a lid(4). A receipt sill(10) is protrudently formed on a center line through an inner part of the ...

Sim Jae Cheol: Disjointing device of door regulator handle for vehicle. Daewoo Motor, May 31, 1999: KR1019970055253

PURPOSE: A disjointing device of a door regulator handle for a vehicle is provided to ease a disjointing work of a door regulator handle and to prevent the damage of a washer or a door regulator handle in disjointing work, by mounting a working lever, which releases a clip of a washer through the ro ...

Kim Jin Hong, Sim Su Gyeong: Production method of circular knit having appearance and feeling similar to natural suede. Samyang Corpotation, May 31, 1999: KR1019970046165

PURPOSE: A production method of circular knit is provided for maintaining an appearance and touch similar to natural suede fabric even after the sanding process by preventing the high shrinkage polyester yarn from projecting out of its surface. CONSTITUTION: A method for producing circular knit havi ...

Sun Kwang Joo: Rotavator. Sun Kwang Joo, May 31, 1999: KR1019970046009

PURPOSE: A rotavator is provided to eliminate the length limitation of the rotavator by allowing the rotavator to be folded using a hydraulic cylinder, thereby being improved the working efficiency of the rotavator. CONSTITUTION: A frame(2) having a heeler(7), a heeler cover(9), a driving shaft(5) i ...

Yoon Sang Gil: Rack embedded in trunk of vehicle. Daewoo Motor, May 31, 1999: KR1019970044454

PURPOSE: A rack for a vehicle is provided to enhance convenience by mounting an auxiliary rack on an upper panel whereon a trunk lid is installed in a rotatable state via a gas spring. CONSTITUTION: A rack comprises: a vertical plate(24) rotatively installed on an upper panel(14) whereon a trunk lid ...