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The present invention utilizes wireless communication paths between a PC (600) and a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) (602) to synchronize data files between the PC and the PDA. Example wireless communication paths include a one; way paging network, a two-way paging network (152), a Cellular Digital ...

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A system, in which information is the primary asset and in which investments may be made in information, includes multiple data stores for storing different types of a user's information. The safe, secure and properly authorized transfer of information while preserving individual privacy is provided ...


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A device for use with an acetabular socket prosthesis (5) which has an outer rim (6) of predetermined size, comprising an outwardly extending removable location and/or sealing element (1,2) adapted to surround the outer rim (6) of said cup (5) with which it is to be used during implantation thereof.

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An organic EL device driven by thin-film transistors is disclosed, wherein for suppressing the deterioration with time of thin-film transistors, at least one of the thin-film transistors, or a second thin-film transistor is formed of a p-channel type thin-film transistor. The p-channel type thin-fil ...

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The puck for a sample tube includes a housing, a spring device and an end cap. The spring device has an annular base portion and angularly spaced spring arms that extend upwardly from the base portion and then bend downwardly toward the base portion. The end cap includes a hub portion around which t ...

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Many types of consumer equipment will be connected to each other digitally in the home network, using e.g. the IEEE 1394 serial bus. Protocols and content data formates have already been fixed for the connection of digital video-conference cameras to the PC, and for DVC equipment for example digital ...

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A wireless data network (30) includes a wireless packet switched data network (34) for end users (32) that divides mobility management into local, micro, macro and global connection handover categories and minimizes handoff updates according to the handover category. The network integrates MAC hando ...

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A cannula for use as for example on the inflow end of an implantable intravascular heart pump. The stiffness of the cannula is differentiated along its length, wherein its proximal end is stiffer than its distal end, while a substantially constant wall thickness is maintained along its entire length ...

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In a method for conflict resolution among remote hosts in a wireless network where remotes make bandwidth requests to the base station via uplink frames partitioned into one or more reservation minislots, a collision occurs where two or more remotes have transmitted a request in the same minislot. E ...