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A patient monitoring and/or therapy delivery system and method employing an implantable medical device for sensing absolute physiologic signal values within the body of a patient, e.g., absolute blood pressure, temperature, etc., and an external monitoring device for monitoring and conveying ambient ...

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A computer implemented system and method of executing an auction. The system has at least two intelligent systems, one for the auctioneer and at least one for a user. The auction is conducted by the auctioneer's system communications with the user system(s). The auctioneer's system contains informat ...

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A data processing system for implementing transaction management of auction-based trading for specialized items such as fixed income instruments. The data processing system provides a highly structured trading protocol implemented through a sequence of trading paradigms. The system employs a distrib ...

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A novel transaction-enabling method and system are disclosed, wherein a transaction-enabling Java-Applet is embedded within an HTML-encoded document stored in an HTTP server at predetermined URL. When a code symbol (e.g., magstripe or bar code) encoded with the URL is read using a code symbol reader ...

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A method for applying a digital watermark to a content signal is disclosed. In accordance with such a method, a watermarking key is identified. The watermarking key includes a binary sequence and information describing application of that binary sequence to the content signal. The digital watermark ...

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An exciter-detector unit is disclosed which includes an exciter and a detector mounted on a common support for inducing perturbations into the body and detecting the perturbations after they travel a distance through the body in order to detect a hemoparameter.

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Apparatus for controlling an electrical device by remote control including a control device coupled to the electrical device by a wire connection for providing power to the electrical device, the control device having an actuator for adjusting the status of the electrical device and a radio frequenc ...

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The present invention provides a system for the electronic management and redemption of coupons. The system includes an integrated coupon card comprising a microprocessor, a random access memory, a scanner, and a communications port. The coupon card is capable of scanning coupon bar codes from paper ...

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A system for performing an end-to-side vascular anastomosis, including an anastomosis device, an application instrument and methods for performing a vascular anastomosis. The system is applicable for performing an anastomosis between a vascular graft and the ascending aorta in coronary artery bypass ...

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A laparoscopic ligation clip applicator for automatically applying a plurality of ligation clips includes a handle assembly having an actuator, an elongated shaft connected to the handle assembly, and an actuating mechanism disposed within the shaft. The actuating mechanism includes a clamp for enga ...