Maged Beshai
David A Brown, Stacy W Nichols, Maged E Beshai: Multi-core ATM switch with cells in the core from an inlet for an outlet being aligned. Northern Telecom, April 20, 1999: US05896380 (58 worldwide citation)

A multi-stage ATM switch has a plurality of inlet stage fabrics, core stage fabrics and outlet stage fabrics. ATM cells routed by the switch have destination fields including (i) an identification of the outlet stage fabric and (ii) an identification of the outlet port. Cells incoming to a given inl ...

Charles Sperry
Melendy Peter S, Belanger Richard A, Sperry Charles R: Bulk system for hot melt adhesive application. Adhesive Technologies, Melendy Peter S, Belanger Richard A, Sperry Charles R, CLARK Conrad J, April 15, 1999: WO/1999/018027

A system for the supply of hot melt adhesive includes a heating tank (2) for holding, and heating a large amount of glue (3). The tank (2) is maintained at a temperature whereby the glue (3) is liquid but does not char. A heat grid (36) is located in the bottom of the tank (2) to heat the glue (3) t ...





Valence Marc, Zennaf Brahim, Rivollier Jean Pierre, Perret Jean: Machine for the automatic joining of metal strip. Kvaerner Metals Clecim, April 30, 1999: FR2770160-A1

A machine for joining metal strip defiling along a longitudinal axis and comprises; - a) a fixed frame centred on the axis of defilement and on which is mounted a first retaining component with two jaws for clamping the downstream end of a first strip; b) a mobile frame centred on the axis of defile ...




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